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2019 Qld Standardbred Track to Hack Series & Finals


By: Melissa Bell - Standardbred Association Queensland

6.jpgThe 2019 Qld Standardbred Track to Hack series promotes Standardbreds as Pleasure Horses upon their retirement from their traditional role of Harness Racing. 

This series has been successfully running for the past few years in the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Associations in Vic, WA and SA, with full support from each state’s Racing Board and HRA. 

2019 saw the running of the third Standardbred Track to Hack series in Queensland. This series is designed to help promote the Standardbred as a successful and athletic horse that can excel in a variety of performance and show disciplines and creates opportunities for an alternative lifestyle outside of racing.

We would like to thank our 2019 Qld Standardbred Track to Hack Sponsors – Racing Queensland and Hygain, who were eager to support this concept once again this year.

Racing Queensland is the peak body for Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound racing in Queensland and is committed to the welfare of our Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses, as well as Greyhounds, during and after their racing life. Racing Queensland has endorsed the SAQ Standardbred Horse Adoption Program, and supports the placement of retired Standardbred racehorses in second careers through the SAQ Standardbred Horse Adoption Program.

7.jpgFor over 30 years HYGAIN® has been feeding champions whether it be Melbourne Cup winners, Olympic medallists or championship titlists in harness racing, reining, dressage, show jumping and eventing. National as well as international horse breeders have achieved and continue achieving outstanding success in the equine industry and unconditionally trust in HYGAIN®’s nutritionally balanced feeds and supplements allowing the equine athlete to reach its full potential. HYGAIN®-fed horses truly stand out with high quality performances, gleaming looks, outstanding condition and balanced temperaments always going for the win.

This series was open to any Standardbred registered with Harness Racing Australia or New Zealand and was originally bred for the purpose of Harness Racing.

To be eligible to compete in the Standardbred Track to Hack Series, all horses are required to be 3 years and over.

5.jpgHorse and owner/exhibitor must reside in Queensland for the QLD Series and have done so for minimum of three months.

Separate Standardbred Track to Hack Qualifying Classes for Queensland Entrants were run at 10 nominated Agricultural Shows throughout the 2019 show season.

A total of 15 horses qualified for the finals this year, but unfortunately due to different personal circumstances, only 10 of those 15 horses were able to make it to the final which was held at Gatton Show Grounds on Sunday 11 August, 2019.

2019 QLD Standardbred Track to Hack Series Finalists were:

Finalist No 1: Sarah Millard & Catch A Crystal

Finalist No 2: Debra Harrip & Xpress Torque

Finalist No 3: Tanya Dearden & Fergus

Finalist No 4: Biankah Theuerkauf and Nothin But Comfort

Finalist No 5: Maxine Murphy and Bye Factor

8.jpgFinalist No 6: Candice Wilkins & Dens Blue Beejay

Finalist No 7: Dawn Goodall & Italian Dream

Finalist No 8: Jenny Holloway & Well To Do Lombo

Finalist No 9: Vision of Dubai & Amelia Dalton

Finalist No 10: Felicity Reinke and Montana Brave

The Judges for the 2019 QLD Standardbred Track to Hack Finals were Andree Margetts and Jenny Francis. All finalists were asked to perform an individual Led Workout (Conformation and Correctness), and an individual Ridden Free Workout to music. All horses were judged in individual sections and awarded points which determined the Top 5 place getters.

2019 Qld Standardbred Track to Hack Series Final Awards/Prizes - Best Presented Combination: Bye Factor and Maxine Murphy (Sash)

Overall winner of the 2019 Qld Standardbred Track To Hack Series:

Catch A Crystal – Sarah Millard ($500, Sash, Embroidered Rug, garland and trophy) 

Runner Up: Montana Brave – Felicity Reinke ($200, Sash and trophy)

Second Runner Up: Vision of Dubai – Amelia Dalton ($150 and Sash)

4th Place: Bye Factor – Maxine Murphy ($100 and Sash)

5th Place: Well To Do Lombo – Jenny Holloway ($50 and Sash) 

All finalists that participated at the finals also received a participation sash.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, and to all combinations that participated in our 2019 Qld Standardbred Track to Hack Series and Final.