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RQ announces QBRED scheme enhancements

Racing Queensland has today announced the introduction of Transitional QBRED eligibility - a new eligibility type for the 2021 QBRED racing season - to complement the existing scheme and replace what is currently International QBRED.

The scheme will allow a mare once in her lifetime to foal a QBRED-eligible horse in Queensland, despite being inseminated interstate or overseas by a stallion not registered with QRIC (i.e. not standing in Queensland).

The inception of ‘Transitional QBRED’ follows feedback from breeders who have expressed an interest in bringing mares to Queensland to qualify for the many benefits of the QBRED scheme.

Breeders had previously outlined difficulties with relocating mares that are already in foal, and concerns that it could result in the resultant foal not being eligible for QBRED and other breeding schemes.  

The conditions of this enhancement will include that a 50% or greater (in aggregate) ownership interest in the resultant progeny must be held by Queensland residents on the day of its foaling, and that the mare cannot have previously foaled a QBRED-eligible horse.

“Transitional QBRED is a fantastic addition to our already successful breeding incentive scheme, which delivers more than $2.5 million to Queensland racing participants,” RQ COO Adam Wallish said.

“This opportunity will incentivise more Queensland breeders to move their mares here, as well as allow them to identify mares in foal inter-state and bring them here to capitalise on this initiative.”

With the up-coming APG Mixed Sale - including a number of in foal mares - RQ wished to advise Queensland breeders and owners of this opportunity should they bring these or other mares to Queensland prior to foaling.

BOTRA President Daren Garrard said the initiative would assist the Sunshine State’s racing population.

“We need more broodmares in Queensland,” Mr Garrard said.

“It’s not just COVID, the drought has played a role too and this is another way to increase our racing stock.”

RQ will undertake a review of this initiative prior to the release of the 2021/22 QBRED conditions to determine its success and if further changes are needed to ensure the benefits flow through to the state’s breeding industry.


Transitional QBRED eligibility

A horse is a Transitional QBRED Horse if it is:

  • the progeny of a mare inseminated outside of Queensland; and
  • born in Queensland, and
  • the horse has been Notified; and
  • the horse is either a Pacer or a Trotter; and
  • there is no other horse that is the progeny of the same mare that has previously been or currently is a QBRED Horse; and
  • a Request Form has been provided to RQ in respect of the horse and this Request Form has been accepted by RQ; and
  • on the day the horse is born:
    • where there is one Owner, that Owner is a resident of Queensland; or
    • where there is more than one Owner, a 50% or greater (in aggregate) ownership interest in the horse is held by residents of Queensland; and
  • the following payments have been made to RQ by the Breeder and/or the Owner in respect of the relevant horse:
    • the QBRED Foal Fee within one (1) year of the horse being born; and
    • the QBRED Fees as applicable at the time.

Full Terms and Conditions for the 2020/21 Season will be published later in August.