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Enhancements announced for QBRED Cash

Racing Queensland has announced an expansion of the popular $1000 QBRED Cash bonuses for harness racing, with more than 300 expected to be distributed to participants annually from December.

The expansion comes with the support of the Harness Racing Advisory Panel and is a sign of Racing Queensland’s commitment to continue its significant investment in the QBRED scheme.

Bonuses will now be offered on all Queensland TAB races worth $4500 or less and other selected races, commencing at this Sunday’s Marburg meet.

QBRED cash bonuses are paid when a QBRED-eligible horse wins a race that carries the bonus and helps ensure the benefits of the QBRED scheme are spread evenly throughout the industry.

Racing Queensland Harness Development and Strategy Manager David Brick said: “This enhancement complements recent enhancement to the QBRED scheme, where horses will be ‘QBRED for life’.”

Recent prize money increases included the introduction of a $10,000 First Win bonus (For horses of any age) and the introduction of a $7,500 second-win bonus in any subsequent racing season, providing the race stake value is more than $4,500.

Other enhancements to the QBRED scheme for the current season include the introduction of $15,000 Double QBRED Features for 2YO’s (for each sex) and a $10,000 QBRED Triad Trot for 2YO’s (mixed sex).