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RQ statement on Cairns Greyhounds

Racing Queensland has informed the Cairns Greyhound Racing Club its license will not be extended beyond 31 December 2018 following the club’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday.

The region’s low greyhound population and an insufficient amount of trainers travelling from other regions, meant racing could no longer be sustained at the venue.

RQ has provided significant support to the club in recent years, including investment in track repairs, maintenance and additional direct financial assistance.

Racing will cease following the meeting scheduled on 21 December 2018, with the TAB meeting scheduled for 1 January 2019 transferred to Townsville.

RQ will continue to work with local participants to understand their needs and support them during this period of change.

A travel subsidy will also be offered to Cairns participants who travel to participate in meetings at Townsville.

RQ has advised the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) of the decision.

RQ will work with QRIC and the local Greyhound Adoption Program in Townsville to assist participants who have any concerns about the impacts of the decision on the welfare of their racing animals.

While the club will not be licensed to conduct race meetings, the track will remain open and operational as a training and trialing track, as a venue under the Cairns Jockey Club’s license.