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It’s a Trick Working a Treat for Jacobsen

By Isaac Murphy

Robert Jacobsen “caught the bug” when he started training dogs as a thirteen-year-old, decades later the savvy dog man training winners out of his Moorooka backyard, It’s a Trick looking to make it six of his last nine in Thursday night’s 600 metre event.

“I started training as a teenager until I was about thirty, when I went a different way, but you never really leave the industry and I’ve always stayed involved as an owner, trainer or breeder,” Jacobsen said.

“I’ve been lucky to have had a few pretty good brood bitches over my time and now a dog like this which enables me to continue on with a few young ones once he’s done.”

It’s a Trick is well travelled with a stint across the ditch but has well and truly established himself as s staying prospect since returning to Australia earlier this year.

“I owned him from the start and thought he might do well over in New Zealand, so I sent him over with another dog I owned and honed their craft across the Tasman,” Jacobsen said.

“I was getting itchy feet at home so thought I’d bring him back to Australian racing, it took him a while to find his feet with the change in conditions and seeing different tracks for the first time, but once I figured him out, we’re starting to see the best of him.”

“This is what I was hoping for when I brought him back from New Zealand and really happy it’s paying off so far.”

The dogs form has turned around since finding the 600 metres and beyond with multiple victories at Albion Park and the Ipswich 630 as well as runs behind Group One bitch Slick Raven and Queensland Futurity winner Zipping Cosmo, but it’s the 710 where Jacobsen sees his future.

“Tomorrow night will be a test from the middle draw Bago Bluff in the red is a proven performer over the distance and Velocity Bettina in three is an interesting runner for Kev Ellis, we’ll probably need a bit of luck from the five.”

“Hopefully he pulls up alright after tomorrow night because there’s a 710 race on Monday night with his name on it, we’d really like to establish him at the distance.”

Despite his travels the dog in lightly raced and devoid of injury Jacobsen looking forward to a fruitful second half of his career, before the trainer turns his attention to his next project.

“The future is looking really bright for him, he’s coming up three and a half years old but has only got the thirty-six starts and we’re hoping for a big six months with him over the staying trips,” he said.

“He’s more than capable over the 520 as well and if he can continue with no injuries, he’ll slide into Masters Grade nicely, he’s a fantastic dog to have for a hobby trainer like me I’m enjoying the ride.”