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Greyhound Breeding Reimbursements

Racing Queensland recently announced that it will reimburse the cost of a number of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission’s (the QRIC) and Greyhounds Australasia’s charges in relation to greyhounds. 

Racing Queensland will reimburse the following fees for the period from 1 February 2018 to 30 June 2018:

  • DNA analysis for a named female greyhound as completed by Greyhounds Australasia; 
  • registration of breeding females as completed by the QRIC; and
  • greyhound litter registration (provided this is completed within 4 months of the whelped date) as completed by the QRIC.

To be eligible to receive the reimbursement, the breeder must:

  • be registered with the QRIC; and
  • complete and submit the Reimbursement of Fees – Greyhound Application Form to Racing Queensland.  

On receipt of the Application Form, Racing Queensland will verify the information provided, and if all information is complete and correct, reimburse the applicant the fees paid, using the applicant’s registered bank account.

The Application Form can be downloaded from Racing Queensland’s website here. Alternatively, hardcopy Application Forms are available from Racing Queensland’s office at Racecourse Road, Deagon QLD 4017.

For further information please contact Racing Queensland on (07) 3869 9783 or by email at grading@racingqueensland.com.au