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Mackay Turf Club track renovations deemed resounding success

Racing Queensland (RQ) and Mackay Turf Club officials have deemed recent renovation work completed on the Mackay Track a resounding success, following the first meeting on the new surface on Tuesday.

The Mackay Turf Club and RQ worked together to develop an innovative and cost-effective renovation program in December 2017, and subsequently agreed to undertake major track renovations in late January 2018.

Racing Queensland CEO Dr Eliot Forbes said the renovation program was successful and racing was able to resume, as programmed, on February 20.

The Mackay Turf Club has noted the track's excellent performance and condition following Tuesday's race meeting.

“The health of the sand profile and its draining capabilities are clear to see, with excellent turf coverage and a well-established root depth down to 220mm.


“I would like to congratulate the board and staff at the Mackay Turf Club for their cooperation with RQ’s Infrastructure team during the renovation, which will ensure the track continues to perform at a high standard.”

The track was also the first in Queensland to have a Dosage Meter installed through their irrigation system.

The meter regulates and precisely doses wetting agents, fertilisers, and a range of nutrients as required, making the ongoing maintenance more precise, and therefore, less labour intensive.

Mackay Turf Club vice-president Andrew McDonald said he was delighted with the renovation process and subsequent performance of the track on Tuesday.

He said the club would continue to follow the ongoing maintenance schedule developed by RQ.

“Moving forward our hard-working track management team including Peter Conway and Chris Mott, along with Racing Manager Joe Hynes, intends to follow the program closely and continue to maintain the track to a high standard,” he said.

“We have developed a very close working relationship with RQ and are working closely together on projects such as finances, track maintenance and management.”