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Townsville Greyhounds Track Update

Work to remediate the Townsville Greyhound Racing Club track has commenced immediately so that racing can resume as soon as possible.

A Racing Queensland inspection of the track found it had been compromised following last week’s devastating flood event and subsequently, civil contractors have begun to reinstate the track this week.

Several posi-track machines, tipper trucks & a grader have been used to remove the top 10 to 15mm of the racing surface.

New material will be applied and graded to restore the track’s cambers to ensure the safest and fairest racing surface possible.

Racing Queensland has offered North Queensland-based trainers (Post Code 4800 or higher) that races in Rockhampton on Wednesday 13 February 2019, a travel subsidy of $150.

Racing Queensland will continue to update participants on the Townsville track as we work towards a return to racing.