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Cairns JC - Tuesday 25 February - ABANDONED

RQ confirms that following a (QRIC) stewards inspection of the racing surface at Cannon Park, the Cairns JC race meeting on Tuesday 25 February has been abandoned.


The decision was made following the determination that the track, following the heavy rainfall received in the region over the last 48 hours, is unsuitable for racing on with no likelihood that it will recover in time for the race meeting to proceed.


RQ advises that a replacement race meeting will however be scheduled for Cairns JC on Monday 2 March.  The program for the new race meeting will replicate that of the abandoned meeting & nomination/acceptance etc deadlines for the meeting will be confirmed tomorrow, Tuesday 25 February.


Trainers with horses accepted at the abandoned meeting are also reminded that under the auspices of Rule LR.37. they are able to nominate for any race meeting for which the acceptance deadline has not expired.