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“I’ve never had a run like it”: Travis Elson

By Isaac Murphy

2019 was a breakout year for trainer Travis Elson, shrewd sprinter Silver Stunner giving him the biggest thrill of his career representing Queensland in the Perth Nationals, but the success hasn’t stopped there for Elson with a couple of gun litters on the ground and his stars to return, 2020 has started with a bang.

Four winners on a card is a good day at the office in anyone’s books, but four from the same litter unheard of and that was just the start of it for the inform Elson.

“I had four winners Hope’s Heist, Summer’s Queen, Summer’s Flyer and Queen Supreme on Sunday’s card out of the Magic Sprite/Lauryn’s Best litter and then All Aces won on Monday night, so they’ve all won their last time out,” Elson chuckled.

“I’ve never had a day like it and to then back up on Monday with arguably the most impressive win 22.63 over the 395 I was dreaming.”

Elson wasn’t dreaming the entire litter had won their last start’s inside two days and the trainer is yet to get them over their desired distances.

“They’ve all been prepared to go over the 395 metres having so many maiden and novice dogs I’ve had to split them up and find races for them from the 331 start because I’d prefer to not race them against each other at this stage, but the way they’re going it might be inevitable,” Elson said.

“At this stage all the girls Queen Supreme, Summer’s Queen and All Aces look like they’ll get the 520 after a bit more racing where the boys Hope’s Heist and Summer’s Flyer will probably stick to the short course.”

The Elson’s are a proud breeding family and didn’t miss a beat in choosing Magic Sprite to couple with first time brood bitch Lauryn’s Best.

“Lauryn’s Best comes from the family line and this litter was the first we dropped with her so you’re always a bit nervous how it will turn out, but it couldn’t have been better,” Elson said.

“She was an excellent bitch in her own right sub thirty multiple occasions at Albion Park, great longevity and even got the 600 late in her career which gives me confidence her pups can get the 520.”

“On the back of how they all broke in and raced we’ve just had another litter with her this time with Barcia Bale which is something to look forward to when their time comes.”

Remarkably Elson’s two day tear didn’t stop with the five litter mates Hope’s Dynamic showing vast improvement to conquer the 520 on Monday night.

“I’m in a really good spot with Hope’s Dynamic who I train for Mum (Cyndie Elson) out of Dyna Double One and Hope’s Magic who won in 30.05 on Monday.” Elson said.

“I’ve also got Magic Miss who is out of the same litter, I didn’t think they’d get past the 331 metres when I was just getting started now, they have personal bests of 30.05 and 30.16 respectively and are breaking thirteen seconds for the run home.”


“Limited Edition is another who isn’t two until May is out of Fernando Bale and our superstar Cyndie’s Magic, she’s a work in progress stepping up to the 520 but the way she can get out of the boxes looks like she’ll run time too.”

2020 looks like the perfect storm for Elson with an ideal balance between the new and the old holding the kennel in good stead.

“I’ve never had this much talent in the kennel and the ace in the hole is my two stars from last year Silver Stunner and Nan’s Magic who are yet to come back into work after coming on season,” Elson said.

“Between them they won twenty odd races last year and good races at that, I’d love to get another good year out of each of them before we look to breed with them.”

Growing up in the sport Elson knows not to get too high or too low, but he is certainly savouring his well-earned success.

“It’s the first time in my training career that they have all taken to what I’ve put in front of them seamlessly, it just doesn’t happen like this very often,” he said.

“The start to the year has been so good I’ve got trainers coming up to me asking if I’ve got forty dogs in the kennel like Dad (Bill Elson), but I’ve just got ten in work who are all flying and fourteen in total.”

“You’ve got to relish times like this, last year I was having all sorts of issues and only had four on the track, I’m certainly not taking the success for granted.”