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Bundaberg Greyhound Track Renovation

Racing Queensland in conjunction with the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club confirms track renovation work on the Bundaberg Race Track, which commenced yesterday. The renovation follows stakeholder feedback.


In order to allow for these works to be completed the race meetings on the 4 August and the 11 August have been transferred.  These race meetings have been moved to later in the year, 29 September and 20 October respectively.


The scheduled return to racing is the 18th August.


A further calendar change has been made due to a schedule clash, and as such the race meeting originally scheduled for the 3 November has been transferred to the 10 November.


Updated programs will be published on Racing Queensland website and in the Chase magazine.


Racing Queensland is pleased to announce a new set of boxes (460m start) have been ordered for the Bundaberg greyhound racing club, and we look forward to the installation of these in the near future. It is intended that the existing 460m start boxes be relocated to the 550m start.


For more information please contact Racing Queensland on 07 3869 9407.