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QGBOTA Grant To Provide Training Support

The Queensland Greyhound Breeders Owners and Trainers Association (QGBOTA) is offering its members the opportunity to undertake the training component required to become a licensed trainer in Queensland on a fully subsidized basis.

Any person intent on becoming a trainer in Queensland must undertake a half day training package, provided by Racing Queensland. The QGBOTA has secured a training grant from the state government and has advised that it will utilize funds from the grant to reimburse RQ training costs, where the training is undertaken by a member of the QGBOTA.

Those wishing to take part in this offer are advised that the next RQ training session is scheduled for 5 August. RQ also advises that a further training session will also be provided later this year.

QGBOTA is encouraging prospective trainers to consider this opportunity as soon as possible as QGBOTA is only able to draw down on the grant until January 4, 2020.

Further information on the QGBOTA offer is available at the following link: https://qgbota.com.au/2019/07/07/assistance-to-become-a-trainer/