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RQ amends awards criteria

Racing Queensland has amended its awards criteria effective immediately.

With the new racing season commencing tomorrow, RQ has announced measures to protect the sanctity of their awards, with the introduction of a number of eligibility conditions. They include:

1. A licensed or registered person is ineligible to win any RQ premiership, medal or award during a racing year if:

  • a) That person engages in conduct that results in a disqualification or warning off from racing for any period of time;
  • b) That person serves any period of a disqualification or warning off, regardless of when the offending conduct occurred;
  • c) That person engages in conduct that results in a suspension of their licence or registration (or any privilege attached to their licence or registration) for a period of two months or more.

2. RQ retains full discretion to revoke any premiership, medal or award which has been won for any particular racing year if the winning person:

  • a) Is subsequently deemed to be ineligible pursuant to clause 1; or
  • b) Has otherwise, in the opinion of Racing Queensland, conducted themselves in a manner which has undermined the integrity, reputation or public image of racing.

Having consulted with other Principal Racing Authorities on the subject, the eligibility criteria will be invoked for the 2018/19 season and future years.