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Infrared to show star qualities in Flying Amy

By Isaac Murphy

In early April the Joanne Price-trained Infrared Star was a six start maiden. 

Fast-forward two months and the maturing pup is preparing to take on the Group 3 Flying Amy Classic after four consecutive wins.

Price was the first to admit she didn't see the meteoric rise coming, but has been impressed with the fast-tracked development of Infrared Star.

"We didn't expect him to come out and do what he's done," Price said. 

"Maturity has played a huge factor. He was doing all the right things going into his Ipswich Maidens, but got bumped around and lost a bit of confidence."

Since moving to Albion Park and breaking his maiden in early April, Price believes Infrared Star's race smarts have been key to his success.

"He's starting to use his brain, which is good to see in a young dog, now we've just got to wait for the rest of the litter to do it," laughed Price.

Price said she was sure Infrared Star would face stiff competition on Thursday night, but wasn't worried about the outcome.

"I don't put expectations on my dogs as long as I present them at the races sound and get them home safe I'm happy," she said.

"If I don't know who they're running against, neither do they."