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Meet the trainers: Bevan 'Billy' Johnson

Location: Miles

Horses qualified: Fab’s Cowboy and Exstratum

What is your background in Queensland Racing?

I have been training since I was probably 18, and I am 46 now. Nearly going on 30 years I suppose.

How many horses do you train and how many staff do you employ?

I have about 30 horses in work. We have four staff on the ground and two apprentices so we employ six people in total.

What do you love about racing?

I love the horses, the animal.

Tell us about the horses you have qualified for the final.  

Fab’s Cowboy – Career: 50-22:6:3

The only thing that will pull him up will be the top weight. Everything is right,  he’s had a bit of a let up, he’s just had a run at Rocky, drew wide and we sort of just gave him that freshen up because he’s been racing for a while.

Exstratum – Career: 72-16:10:15

She had a bit of a bad run from a wide barrier last time out but she’s going alright, she should of nearly qualified in Charleville but she nearly fell down in running.

What do you think about the Battle of the Bush, and what would it mean to win the first $100,000 final?

It would mean anything to win the first one. I think there is more to come but it would be special. We have two in it, so it would be special to win the first one. We won the first qualifier, and we were trying to get Blue Jest in but he had the big weight today.

The series is the best thing that has ever come out of racing in Queensland I reckon. This is the grounding of Queensland racing, it is where all the good riders started, they started in the bush.