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Meet the trainers: Bob Burow

Bob Burow

Location: Mount Isa

What is your background in Queensland racing?

I was a boxing trainer for 25 years before I started training horses. When I moved to Mount Isa there wasn’t a lot to do on the weekends, so we ended up owning a horse or two and the trainer actually retired. After helping him out in the stables and that he said ‘why don’t you have a go?’ So, I’ve been doing it ever since.

Tell us about your operation. How many horses do you have in work and how many staff do you employ?

I only have six horses and it is just me, my jockey and track work rider Aaron Spradau and a couple of stable hands. We all work full time so you know six horses is enough for me to take care of.

What do you love about racing?

You get to meet plenty of different people, and I have probably never realized how much I enjoy the animals … so yeah, it’s really good.

Tell us about the horse you have qualified for the final?

Galea Warrior – Career: 21-3:6:3

He’s starting to mature a lot more now he’s a four-year-old. I think he is going to be a very good country cups horse down the track, like a mile horse. The 1200m is definitely not too short for him, but I would probably rather it be 1300-1400. He’s a big sort of free running horse. If he can find galloping room he seems to go a bit better but we expect him to do fairly well.

What do you think of the Battle of the Bush concept and what it would mean to win?

It’s bloody awesome mate. I think to win it … I cannot imagine … I probably might not even come home if I do!  I have never been to Doomben myself and neither have a few of the other guys from out here so we’re all pretty excited.