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Meet the trainers: Fred Smith

Fred Smith

Location: Rockhampton

What is your background in Queensland Racing?

I came up here from Monto probably 40 years ago. I started breaking horses and I got in to racing horses. When I was in Monto I was with my ex-father in law Donny Forsyth, he was horse trainer and he got me going.

Tell us about your current operation. How many horses do you have in work and  how many staff do you employ?

I have eight horses in work. I am usually by myself but a couple of blokes help me out here and there.

What do you love about racing?

It is a pain and you get headaches training them but there is no better thrill when a horse wins. It doesn’t matter if it is Rocky, Brisbane, Bluff, anywhere mate, there’s no better thrill than winning.

Tell us about your horse qualified for the final?  

Just Call Me Louie – Career: 60-12:6:7

He’s going good. We took him to the beach recently and he’s working well. If he turns up, they’ll know he’s there. He’s one of those good old ones; he’s a good horse to train, beautiful horse. If they put the speed on and he feels like playing, he can beat anyone over 1200m.

What do you think of the Battle of the Bush concept and what would it mean to win it?   

It’s the greatest thing, it is a great thing. People just love it. Rubbing shoulders with all the big notes, yeah.