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Meet the trainers: John Manzelmann

Location: Mackay

What is your background in Queensland Racing?

I grew up with the trotters and then switched over probably 15 years ago to the gallopers, so I’ve been in it all my life. I’ve been full time with trotters for about the last 12-14 years.  It’s actually been well documented my battle with leukemia and what-not, I think you’ll find a few stories if you happen to search it up.

Tell us about your operation? How many horses do you have in work and how many staff do you employ?

We have about 20 in work and we train five staff.

What do you love about Racing?

Just working with the animals.

Tell us about the horse you have qualified for the final?  

Gingersnap – Career: 25-5:4:4

She should go well. Before I bought her she had good form and they were racing her in those good quality Saturday three-year-old QTIS races against horses like Mishani El Lobo and she was only just getting beat. If she can go down there with her A-game she’ll be extremely competitive.

What do you think of the Battle of the Bush concept and what would it mean to win? 

It’s a brilliant concept isn’t it? Look at how much interest it has generated right from one end of the joint to the other. Everybody’s been talking about it and we all get herded into Brisbane for a weekend when we wouldn’t normally be there. It’s a bloody big day and we’re getting taken there to showcase our product. It’s brilliant, the bloke who thought of it definitely deserves a pat on the back.