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Grading Procedures Amended

Racing Queensland advises stakeholders of an amendment to the Grading Procedures.

From tomorrow, 5 June 2019, greyhounds will drop a grade after having five non-consecutive unplaced runs at a certain grade within a class and distance category.

The count of five consecutive unplaced runs will start from 5 June 2019 for all greyhounds. As such all grades for all greyhounds will remain unchanged at the time of implementation.

The new drop back rule acknowledges that a minority of greyhounds get ‘stuck’ at a certain grade where they can’t win, but manage to run a place every now and then.  

The existing drop back rule allowing a greyhound to drop a grade after three consecutive unplaced runs within a class and distance category will remain in place.

The grading procedures can be read in full here.

Further changes to the Grading Procedures, including removing the Class 1 eligibility rule, are due shortly.

For more information please contact Racing Queensland on 07 3869 9407.