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Burnett’s brothers boxed to win The Brisbane Cup

By Isaac Murphy

Race-7-Simon-Told-Helen-359.JPGDave Burnett’s dynamic Victorian brothers Simon Told Helen and Who Told Stevie may not have won their heats last week, but with the benefit of the run and an ideal box draw the trainer believes either Simon Told Helen can add to his Group 1 war chest or Who Told Stevie can grab his first in Thursday night’s Brisbane Cup Final.

Multiple Group 1 champion Simon Told Helen was the biggest surprise beaten in his heat, but Burnett praised his race sense when he looked vulnerable early.

“It was a slightly tricky box draw (7) only because of the fact we had Jasper The Jet outside us, Simon Told Helen really had to spend plenty of his biscuits coming from a length behind out of the boxes to lead them down the back,” Burnett said.

“He probably felt the pinch when Special Cyndie grabbed him late.

“Most dogs would have been in a lot of trouble and got squeezed between the Magic Miss (3) and Jasper The Jet (8), but he’s got no fear this dog and he’ll take any gap and just spear through it.”

While there was slight margin for error in the heats, Burnett knows Simon Told Helen will have to do everything right in the final, but he gets his chance from his favourite draw.

“It’s going to be on come Thursday, he’ll be charging across from the pink, but he’s got plenty of pace underneath him,” he said.

“Hopefully he musters that length quicker and can set up a slightly easier lead and skip away with his second sectional.

“Box eight is where he wants to be; he can miss the start, do plenty wrong and still get around them.

“If Oh Mickey pings like he did last week he may be the only thing stopping Simon Told Helen from finding the fence.

“We look to have Hooked On Scotch, Shakey Diesel and Special Cyndie for pace who are all drawn inside, it sounds simple but he just has to put a gap in them early.”

Who Told Stevie arguably shaded his brother in terms of heat performance, with plenty against him he still ran a big race.

“It was a big effort from Who Told Stevie; I was chuffed win the run, first time at the track posted out in box eight and only the sixth start back from a serious injury and he went huge to push Oh Mickey all the way,” Burnett said.

“I think he ran 29.62 overall first look; he’ll take a lot from that and the low draw (2) looks very kind as well.”

Albion Park

SKY RACING Brisbane Cup (G1) H 520m

The draw Burnett speaks of is box two and with Special Cyndie to his inside and Shakey Diesel to his outside Burnett believes he can find the fence where he historically does his best racing.

“Who Told Stevie gets a good chance to get on the bunny from the draw (2) and he’s a different dog when he gets to the lead,” he said.

“When he’s led at Sandown, he’s gone 29.14 and at The Meadows 29.68, sectional wise he can match it with the likes of Black Opium, Oh Mickey and Hooked on Scotch.”

Burnett will always back his brothers in but has plenty of respect for what is a stunning Group 1 field, but it’s a local that he’s most worried about.

“There’s a host of chances after what we saw in the heats but Oh Mickey for mine is the dog to beat, if he comes out and runs his normal race then we can’t run him down from behind,” he said.

“Black Opium and Hooked On Scotch probably get it a little tougher with their respective draws but both have claims.

“If Simon Told Helen is out in front then you’d want to be a good ten lengths clear of Hooked On Scotch, he was airborne late last week and we’ve just got to hope he doesn’t get in striking distance.”

The Barcia Bale/Who Told Lindyu products have been wired differently from the start, Burnett hoping Simon Told Helen can combine his physical gifts and mental experience.

“Simon Told Helen in particular just has a will to win that not many other greyhounds have, I understand people writing him off after last week but he’s capable of some amazing things in big races,” Burnett said.

“He’s run past Tiggerlong Tonk on multiple occasions down here and took a gap in the Perth Cup where there wasn’t one.

“I think they can both improve but Simon Told Helen has that Group 1 pedigree, he’s been there and done it - he knows what it’s all about.”

With restrictions still in place, Burnett is still going to do his best to enjoy the final from Victoria, and there’s plenty of people involved with the dogs who’ll be cheering as loud as anyone.

“We’re trying to get family, friends, staff and connections together Thursday night for our own Group 1 party down here,” Burnett said,

“To have both of them there is a feat in itself, you might be able to hear us from up there if one of them wins the Brisbane Cup.”