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  4. Respected track specialist inspects Eagle Farm project

Respected track specialist inspects Eagle Farm project

One of Australia’s most respected track specialists has joined officials from Racing Queensland and the Brisbane Racing Club to inspect the Eagle Farm track remediation project.

Mick Goodie oversaw the Flemington Race Track for 15 Melbourne Cup campaigns and understands the science behind sand-profile surfaces.

Racing Queensland CEO Dr Eliot Forbes said it was valuable to have Mr Goodie inspect the track.

“Mr Goodie has previously worked very closely with the expert consultants who designed and have helped remediate the new Eagle Farm track. To gain his practical insight and feedback was very much appreciated,” Dr Forbes said.

Mr Goodie described his visit as positive.

“I had a look at the track and I understand where the process is at. We will take it from there and look at the best way to go forward,” he said.  

Testing of the sand profile continues this week according to schedule, to ensure materials and methodology meet the exacting specifications of the track designers.