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Queensland Reps in Mini Miracle Mile

By Duane Ranger

The Miracle Mile - Australia's speed pacing championship final returns Saturday 7 March.

Queensland might not have a horse in the event, but the Sunshine State will have four starters in the Mini Miracle Mile at Tabcorp Park Menangle.

Queensland representatives are Kalee Shackleford driving Bella Donna in the Midgets division; while in the Shetland Division there are Briana Davis driving Jumping Jack, Ezekiel Fitness driving Flash Thunderstorm and Layne Dywer driving Dan-Elles Dash. 

Layne in fact qualified two horses for the 10-strong Mini Mile, but can’t drive two horses at once, so he gifted his other drive to friend and fellow Queensland Junior Harness Racing Association competitor, Ezekiel.

There were 200 ponies from three States (NSW & Victoria) who travelled to Tamworth at Easter to qualify for the Mini Miracle Mile.

There were eight races for each pony over two days, and just 10 horses from each division got invites into the Miracle Mile. 

The Miracle Mile evening kicks off at 5.00pm Saturday 7 March. Congratulations to all four Queensland entrants.