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Flying Yuna finds a home over the middle distance

By Isaac Murphy

Greg Deering was looking for a companion dog when he bought Flying Yuna from Victoria mid-way through 2020.

Fast forward to the present and the now middle-distance bitch is Deering’s biggest earner, and after knocking off her first 600-metre win at Albion Park on Monday, is back for more in tomorrow night’s Fifth Grade heats.

Not knowing a huge amount about Flying Yuna other than being a brilliant kennel dog, Deering set out to see what she was made of.

There was plenty of trial and error, but they’ve come out the other side with four middle distance wins in the last two months.

“I was purchasing another dog from down south and almost as an afterthought bought her more or less to be a trial companion for some of the other dogs in the kennel,” Deering said.

“I didn’t have much idea what she was capable of; I started her over the 331 metres and she wasn’t even panting.

“Up to 431 metres, same thing and even over the 500 she looked like she was ready to go again so the 600 she’s finally blowing a bit but still recovers very quickly from a run.

“It’s been a relief more than anything to see her find her distance, when they’re not even tired like she was you think they’re not trying, but she always was she just wanted further.”

Flying Yuna

Like many chasers who want further, Flying Yuna took her fair share of losses over the shorts, but the extra distance has given her the space she’s always desired.

“She hadn’t done much winning when she came to me, we pinched one over the shorts early on, but it was a long drought after that - she just couldn’t find galloping room,” Deering said.

“Room is what she gets plenty of over the 600 and having had so many starts over the shorts she’s been able to get out in front in most of her wins and show what she’s capable of.

“She’s improved her first sectional almost a quarter of a second at the Ipswich 630 and the Albion Park 600 - she’s still adding to her skill set which is a great sign.”

Flying Yuna’s breakthrough win almost wasn’t to be, with Deering close to giving her a light week after some tough racing, but sure is glad he kept her in Monday.

“I’ve been quite lucky, I was almost going to give her a solo trial Wednesday night this week and not have her in on Monday or Thursday - I just wanted to see if she could run 35.20,” he said.

“With the scratchings Monday I thought let’s go the race route and she was able to put 35.11 on the board and collect her first Albion Park win.

“She’s had six starts over the middle distance at Albion Park and is yet to draw a one or a two where I think she’d be more than competitive in the company she meets tomorrow night.”



Albion Park | Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club | 7:09 PM


Once Deering made the decision to race Monday, a short turnaround was always on the cards given Flying Yuna’s appetite for work.

“Even before she came out and won on Monday I said if she ran a good second or third in that race, I was going to back her up in the Fifth Grade heats on Thursday, her recovery time is exceptional,” Deering said.

“She’s ended up in a tough race drawn box four, but she’s only in that race due to her form and can hopefully step up to the mark.

“If we’re able to come out with a good first sectional she should get across the inside three early; Kooringa Lucy is a class above, but you never know from box eight at the 600 start.”

Now she’s up to Thursday grade, Deering is keen to proceed over the middle distance but given Flying Yuna’s motor, the pair are ready to explore the 700 in due time.

“Her next few starts will be over the 600 metres, but a jump to the 700 in the next few months is definitely on the cards,” he said.

“They say the 630 at Ipswich is almost as tough as the 700 at Albion and she hits the line strong in those races.

“If I spot a nice Gifth Grade preferably with a smaller field I’d jump at the chance, she should have the pace to get to the front and we’d find out late if she can run it.”

Flying Yuna has turned into one of the best investments Deering has ever made, with plenty of good times to come for the duo.

“For a bitch I picked up for $2000 and didn’t know a hell of a lot about she’s delivered in spades, she’s up over $22,000 in prize money after Monday’s win,” he said.

“She’s won seven races for me now, four of those coming in her last eight starts since she’s been up over the distance.

“She’s not three until May and having only just found her calling I’d say her best racing is in front of her.”