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Garrard and Barnes embrace new ‘drivers’ colours’ concept

By Jordan GerransDan-Costello-Angus-Garrard-Speech-Is-Silver.jpg

Angus Garrard and Brendan Barnes along with ‘drivers’ colours’ are the next generation of harness racing in Queensland.

They are young, exciting, talented, and are set to lead the industry into their next phase, which despite being a contentious topic for some, is hoped will deliver a fresh, youthful audience for the code of racing.

Six of the leading drivers in the Sunshine State - Pete McMullen, Kylie Rasmussen, Barnes, Matt Elkins, Garrard and Narissa McMullen - will, from Saturday night at Albion Park, don their own colours whenever they drive across Queensland.

Teenager Garrard, one of the up-and-coming drivers in Australia, will be dubbed “The Kid” as part of the promotional campaign that has been developed to support the concept.

Born into the industry, Garrard received the Concession Driver of the Year at the recent 2020 TAB Queensland Harness Awards on top of becoming the youngest driver in Queensland to notch up 100 winners in a single season.

Garrard believes the concept will draw in new audiences to the harness racing game that he loves.

“Hopefully we can get them involved,” Garrard said.

“This will be able to provide people the opportunity to pick up harness racing easier, they will be able to see a driver colours and know who they are like that.

“I believe this will be a really good way to do that.

“We have seen the Big Bash with cricket, they kicked it off and people had questions about that at the time, but it has turned out really well for them.”



Redcliffe | Redcliffe Peninsula Harness Racing & Sporting Club | 4:53 PM



Each of the six drivers have been assigned their own uniform and silks to be worn in every race they are engaged in.

The uniforms were developed in conjunction with each of the drivers and offer a contemporary look and feel to resonate - and engage - with new markets.

The tailored silks, wheels, and helmets will make them readily identifiable critical in today’s racing landscape given the large majority of fans and punters consume racing via TV and digital broadcast.

Racing Queensland Executive General Manager Operations Adam Wallish said the drivers’ colours promotion would be trialed for the next six months and would be supported through a range of activities.

“Through our brand development, we want fans to connect with them in the same way they look up to their other sporting heroes," Wallish said.