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Finish On Lure survey results and recommendation

As previously communicated, Racing Queensland, with the assistance of the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club conducted a trial of the Finish On Lure (FOL) between February and October 2017.

A total of 12,864 starters participated in the nine-month trial, which was conducted at Albion Park.

Based on statistical analysis of the trial data there was evidence to conclude that:

  • significantly less marring offences occur at FOL meetings;
  • significantly less injuries occur over longer distances irrespective of meeting type.

Based on statistical analysis of the trial data there was no significant difference:

  • between failing to pursue offences at Catching Pen and FOL meetings; and
  • injuries at Catching Pen and FOL meetings.

In summary, FOL meetings reduced marring offences and there was no difference in injury rates between Catching Pen and FOL meetings.


As part of the review of the FOL data, Racing Queensland also conducted a survey, in which all trainers were provided an opportunity to participate either electronically, or via hard copy surveys distributed to all Queensland clubs. The survey sought feedback on the trial and the FOL generally.

Racing Queensland received 115 responses via the online survey, and a further 15 via hard copy.

A summary of the survey results is provided in the link below.


Of the 130 responses, the survey found:

  • 75% of respondents participated in the FOL trial
  • 46% of respondents found FOL meetings useful for greyhounds that had offended in the past
  • 48% of respondents avoided nominating for FOL meetings
  • 22% of respondents would like the FOL in place at all meetings
  • 35% of participants (including those counted above) want the FOL at more than 50% of race meetings
  • The common concerns from those opposed to the FOL:
    • Potential for winning greyhounds to be injured;
    • Accuracy of injury data;
    • Welfare of catchers;
    • FOL is already available at trials, including muzzle off trials;
    • Lure being pulled up abruptly.

The results of the statistical analysis and subsequent survey were discussed at the May 2018 Greyhound Racing Advisory Panel meeting, and given the number of participants favoring a continuance of the FOL, the current conduct of four FOL meetings per-month was supported.

RQ Greyhound Development Strategy Manager Adam Wallish said it was a positive outcome for all.

“Having regard for all the data and feedback received, RQ has developed a position, which has the support of the Panel. Continuing the FOL at Albion Park provides an opportunity for supporters of the FOL,” he said.

“RQ will, of course, continue to monitor the FOL meetings, and will conduct another survey in 12 months.”