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Track Managers Meeting

Racetrack Managers from across the state have met to review current track rating methodologies and to progress new technology including the Turftrax GoingStick and Mapping.

While tracks currently use a penetrometer to assist with and track rating RQ and several TAB tracks are piloting the new technology across sand and conventional track profiles.

The aim of the workshop, held at Eagle Farm was to continue the development and implementation of an improved system for the assessment of track conditions, including the efficient and accurate communication to industry stakeholders.

The Track Managers’ workshop was also attended by QRIC Stewards where valuable and constructive discussions took place on the assessment of tracks on race day, to build into the improved Track assessment system.


Workshop attendees agreed the GoingStick, manufactured by the UK’s TurfTrax, is the future.

It measures the penetration, being the amount of force required to push the tip of the GoingStick into the surface and the shear which is the energy required to pull back the GoingStick to a 45 degree angle from the ground.

The two measures, when taken in combination, provide a representation of the forces that a horse's hoof exerts when in contact with the turf or the firmness of the ground and the level of traction experienced by a horse during racing.

In addition, the data is recorded electronically where it expands on the information available to industry stakeholders on the condition of the track and other measures for immediate communication to industry stakeholders.


RQ will continue to work closely with clubs on the piloting of the Turftrax GoingStick with the goal of improving track rating methodologies for the benefit of the industry.

The next Track Manager’s workshop is scheduled for August.