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Doomben Cup Updated Order of Entry

 1     $700,000 DOOMBEN CUP WFA (Group 1)

Weight for Age No Claims.

Field 16 + 5   (2000 METRES)

 32    ALIFEROUS 3F (Kris Lees)                           

 10    AMBITIOUS (JPN) 7H (Anthony Freedman)                      

 14    ARCHEDEMUS 5G (Gwenda Markwell)            

 38    ARTICUS (FR) 7G (Kris Lees)                       

 2     BIG DUKE (IRE) 7G (Kris Lees)                     

 12    CONSENSUS (NZ) 7M (Stephen McKee)           

 25    COOL CHAP 6G ( Anderson Heathcote Racing)                                                

 26    FIERCE IMPACT (JPN) 5H (Matthew Smith)                      

 18    FIRST CRUSH 7G (Chris Munce)                  

 27    FIT FOR PURPOSE 5G (Liam Birchley)           

 17    GEM SONG 3C (Kris Lees)                           

 21    HALLELUJAH BOY (JPN) 6G (Kris Lees)          

 36    IGRAINE (GER) 6M (Robert Priscott)             

 40    JUMBO PRINCE 7G (Jarrod McLean)             

 3     KENEDNA 5M ( Ciaron Maher & David Eustace)                                              

* 7   LIFE LESS ORDINARY (IRE) 7G (Chris Waller)  

 8     LUVALUVA (NZ) 4M (John Sargent)              

 24    MANTASTIC (IRE) 5G (Chris Waller)              

 22    MASK OF TIME (IRE) 5H ( Ciaron Maher & David Eustace)                              

 35    MASTER ZEPHYR (GB) 7G (Tony Haydon)         

 20    MISS SISKA 5M (Grahame Begg)                   

 9     MISTER SEA WOLF (IRE) 7G (Chris Waller)       

 31    MORTON'S FORK 5G (James Cummings)          

 23    MY NORDIC HERO (GB) 7G (Chris Waller)        

 13    ON THE ROCKS (NZ) 4H (Michael Moroney)                                     

 33    ORDER AGAIN (NZ) 5G (Brian Smith)            

 34    OUR ABBADEAN (NZ) 6M (Jamie Richards)                      

 30    OUR LIBRETTO (NZ) 5M (Grahame Begg)         

 19    PACODALI (IRE) 6G ( Ciaron Maher & David Eustace)  

 29    PLEIN CIEL (GER) 6G (Anthony Freedman)                       

 15    PRIORITISE 5G (Steve Tregea)                    

 11    RED ALTO 6G (Brent Stanley)                     

 37    SAUNTER BOY (FR) 6G (Kris Lees)                 

 6     SAVVY COUP (NZ) 4M (Chris Waller)            

 1     SHILLELAGH (NZ) 7M (Chris Waller)             

 5     SIR CHARLES ROAD 5G ( Lance O'Sullivan & Andrew Scott)                            

 28    SIXTIES GROOVE (IRE) 6G (Kris Lees)            

 39    TAKE IT INTERN (IRE) 5G (Kris Lees)              

 16    TALLY 6G (James Cummings)                     

 4     YOUNGSTAR 4M (Chris Waller)

*Exempt from ballot (2019 Hollindale Stakes winner)  

BALLOTING CONDITIONS: In the event of a ballot being required, horses which have won the least amount of prizemoney from 15/05/2017 up to and including 14/05/2019 will be eliminated first. Horses with the same prizemoney shall be balloted by lot.
The winner/s of the 2019 Hollindale Stakes shall be exempt from the ballot.