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RQ to fund trainers’ insurance

Racing Queensland will remove one of the barriers to entry for the thoroughbred code after agreeing to fund trainers’ public liability and professional indemnity insurance in 2019.

As part of industry reform, RQ will alleviate some of the financial and administrative burden that is placed on thoroughbred trainers across the state, ensuring a direct return to participants in the process.

Previously, public liability and professional indemnity insurance has been paid by RQ before being recharged to thoroughbred trainers.

RQ Chief Commercial Officer Geoff Quinlan said the opportunity had arisen following savings within code budgets, and following conversations with the Australian Trainers’ Association, had agreed to implement the measure for this year.

“We’re constantly looking for ways that we can remove barriers for people to participate – be that administratively or financially – and I’m sure this will be well received by our thoroughbred trainers,” Mr Quinlan said.

In 1985, the ATA established the insurance policy on behalf of their members and have successfully administered it over the past four decades.

ATA Queensland Representative Cameron Partington said the financial savings would be warmly received by the thoroughbred code.

“This is a positive outcome for our industry,” Mr Partington said.

“Everything we fight for is done for the benefit of all trainers, and with consistent consultation with a very receptive and understanding Racing Queensland administration, we look forward to many more initiatives like this benefiting the industry as a whole.”