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How To Read Harness Sectional Data


With Form Analyst Darren Clayton

See all available harness sectional data here.


The first thing I look at is the lead time versus what barrier the horse has jumped from. The lead time is the time it takes to get from the start (1660m below) to the 1600m mark.

Harness Section Data Lead Time Example


Then I’d look at the first quarter mile-rate (400m). For a 1660m race at Albion Park – no matter what grade – anything under 28-seconds is very fast. Then you look at the second and third quarter. Say they ran 28-seconds and 28-seconds you are pretty much setting it up for something back in the field to swoop home late. Stronger and better class horses can sometimes sustain that speed for longer. If they go slower (about 30sec) in those quarters, and are really closing late from the back, then the last 400m time is important.


Clayton provided a specific example in Race 1 at Albion Park on Saturday, August 12.

Outlaw Fella did well to make up that amount of ground in a very fast final sectional. As you can see, he was two positions from the fence (three-wide in running) and was moving around the bend. They have run the third quarter in 26.8sec – which is flying – and for him to make up 10.9m over the last 800m means he has done a big job. If they’re racing three-wide in the last 800m then I’d definitely factor in the metres gained.