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Amendment to Metropolitan Win Definition

Commensurate with the prizemoney increases announced to industry on Wednesday 31 October, RQ has deemed it necessary to amend the definition pertaining to wins in metropolitan races.

To that end, the amended definition will be:

With effect 5 November 2018 and for the purpose of determining metropolitan wins, a win in a flat race at a metropolitan race meeting, the total prizemoney for which exceeds $45,000, shall be deemed to be a win in a metropolitan race.  When determining the value of prizemoney, no account shall be taken of bonuses or added stakes payment not available to all horses eligible to be entered for the race. A win on the flat in any other country shall be deemed to be a metropolitan win except that, for the purpose of this condition, no account shall be taken of wins in maiden races in Australia and New Zealand.

From an application perspective the change will result in wins in the two $45k races at Doomben this weekend (i.e. Saturday 3 November) being deemed non-metropolitan wins.  Further, any wins in the previously run $40k Saturday metropolitan races will also be considered as ‘non metropolitan’ as a consequence of the change.