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  4. Dear horse racing bosses: Let girls be hoops!

Dear horse racing bosses: Let girls be hoops!

Already an inspiration to female jockeys world over, the story of how Pam O'Neill took on racing bosses and won will now be told to children Australia-wide. 

O'Neill's plight has been celebrated by the ABC's 'Fierce Girls' - a podcast for kids about amazing Australian women, narrated by other inspiring women. 

O'Neill's story is narrated by fellow Queenslander, Olympic swimmer Cate Campbell, and tells the story of how O'Neill lobbied to ride after writing 154 letters and almost 14 years campaigning. 

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/fierce-girls/pam-oneill-the-girl-who-broke-through-horse-racing-barriers/10453224