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LIVE COVERAGE: Doomben 9 November 2019

The Listed Keith Noud Quality is the highlight on a ten-race program at Doomben today. 

Follow our live blog for all the comments from jockeys and trainers, photos and race replays from all ten races on the card. 

Race 1 - 11:05AM GALLOPERS SPORTS CLUB QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap (1110 METRES)

1st - Lady Banff - Matthew Dunn - Baylee Nothdurft

2nd - Mary Valley - Steele Ryan - Dale Smith

3rd - The Silver Lady - Tom Button - Luke Tarrant


Trainer - Matthew Dunn

"He's the cheapest yearling we picked up at the sales this year, we had her mother as well who was a bit mental but she's very professional."

"I was originally going to take her the Grafton for a 900 metres next week, but she's shown she's up to the grade today and we love that QTIS money."

"The concern was the distance only having one barrier trial over the short course, but Baylee (Nothdurft) rated her very well in front and I was very imressed the way she kicked away on the corner."

"She's own the tanacity to want to get things done pretty quickly and from day one when we took her to the barriers she's had the ability to get out quickly."

"She's a Magic Millions filly so she probably has to win another one of these races to secure a start, I'd love to take her there if she's good enough because my wife owns most of her and I want to keep her happy."

Jockey - Baylee Nothdurft

Matt (Dunn) told me the 1100 might be a bit of a query, so with her natural gatespeed I tried to get out in front early with a couple of cheap sectionals and leave a bit up her sleeve."

"She kicked off the corner really well I was easing her down on the line she had plenty left."


GALLOPERS SPORTS CLUB QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap 1110m

Race 2 - 11:43AM MEMBERSHIPS @ BRC RATINGS BAND 0 - 68 Handicap (1110 METRES)

1st - High Cost - Greg Cornish - Jackson Murphy

2nd - Sister Kitty Mac - Tina Cotsiopoulos - Adin Thompson

3rd - The Wild One - Steven O'Dea - Steph Thornton


Stable Representative - Sheree Drake

"You always get a good price about him because he always needs a little bit of luck and he got it today from the box seat."

"He just wasn't comfortable on speed last up, you have th ride him the way Jackson (Murphy) did today where he was able to pull out and run them down."

"He's a very genuine horse, he always tries and that's a great reward for him and the stable."

"When we first got him the vet told us he'd never race now as a seven year old he's going as good as ever winning in town."

Jockey - Jackson Murphy

"The plan was to get some cover from a nice gate, which we were able to do but there was plenty of traffic around us so we needed a bit of luck on the turn."

"That's the way you have to ride him keep him in for as long as you can before the short quick sprint, because of that he's often been unlucky, but today then run opened late and he smashed the line."


MEMBERSHIPS @ BRC RATINGS BAND 0 - 68 Handicap 1110m

Race 3 - 12:23PM BIG SCREEN ON THE GREEN Class 3 Plate (1600 METRES)

1st - Red Stina - Rex Lipp - Steph Thornton

2nd - Soxagon - Mark Currie - Baylee Nothdurft

3rd - Cinnamon Missile - Matthew Dunn - Jim Byrne


Trainer - Rex Lipp

"Our biggest worry was would she get too far back but mid race with not much pace on she was positioned reasonably well and close enough to outsprint them."

"Last start she just couldn't make up any ground on a hard track and today she's come back and relished the ground here at Doomben."

"Eagle Farm is usually her track where she can get back and wind up, but Steph (Thornton) did a great job getting her moving a little bit early and she was really moving late."

"That's just her third run in and I can't wait to get her up over the 2000, she's got the trip in her and with her sprint will be very dangerous in those races."

Jockey - Steph Thornton

"She was very honest, we had a beautiful run in the small field managed to stay nice and handy to them and got on the back of Soxagon which is where we wanted to be."

"Rex (Lipp) told me you having to get her moving early to avoid a flat spot around the turn and once she got mobile she moved into in very quickly.'


BIG SCREEN ON THE GREEN Class 3 Plate 1600m

Race 4 - 1:03PM SOCIETY ROKU GIN NYE PARTY Class 6 Handicap (1350 METRES)

1st - Macewen - Tony Gollan - Baylee Nothdurft

2nd - Shogun Sun - Kelly Schweida - Jim Byrne

3rd - Trail of Glory - Tony Gollan - Mark Du Plessis


Trainer - Tony Gollan

"It was a funny little race post scratchings with just five left in it and not being sure who would want to lead thought we'd take it up with 54 kilos on his back and a good kick he'd be hard to beat."

"Baylee (Nothdurft) rated him well just eased him across from the barrier and set a slow tempo, it was nothing more than an exhibition gallop from there."

"There is a four-year-old QTIS race over the 1350 metres here in three weeks time, it fits a hole in the calendar and gives us the chance to set them for the race running today."

Jockey - Baylee Nothdurft

"If nothing else wanted to take it up we would, we used the 54 kilos to our advantage and he kicked away off the corner."

"He's coming into his own, three in a row now Tony (Gollan) might be looking at some bigger targets he's flying."


SOCIETY ROKU GIN NYE PARTY Class 6 Handicap 1350m

Race 5 - 1:43PM MARTY BAKER TURNS 40 QTIS Three-Years-Old Handicap (1350 METRES)

1st - Guntantes - Robert Heathcote - Robbie Fradd

2nd - Shooting Love - Mark Currie - Baylee Nothdurft

3rd - Scathing - Chris Munce - Justin Huxtable


Trainer - Robert Heathcote

"Nothing went right in that 1800 metre race, he had the big weight, was wide and never got to travel at any stage."

"There's still an arugument he won't get beyond the mile that's why I sent him to the paddock for a little freshen up brought him back no trial, he was keen to go today maybe a little too keen in missing the start but you trust Robbie Fradd to do the job and he ran past the like they stopped."

"Robbie (Fradd) is up there with our top few riders in Brisbane and was able to think on his feet and still bring him into the race."

"There's a mile race in two weeks back here that we'll consider, the jury is still out if he'll get the trip but we have to give him the opportunity to see."

Jockey - Robbie Fradd

"He didn't jump the best, but in saying that the speed was on and I don't think i would have been able to place him in the first few if I wanted to."

"I went back to the fence and gradually began to come into the race and when I pulled him out and  go him going gee he let down well."

"If he's ridden similar I can't see any reason why he won't get the mile."



MARTY BAKER TURNS 40 QTIS Three-Years-Old Handicap 1350m

Race 6 - 2:23PM SOUTHS SPORTS CLUB No Metro Wins Handicap (1050 METRES)

1st - Snipstream - Donald Baker - Emma Ljung

2nd - Rabbit Hunter - Stuart Kendrick - Robbie Fradd

3rd - Truculent - Gary Duncan - Steph Thornton


Owner - Shane O'Sullivan

"He puts in every time he goes round and it's really nice to get the win today because we picked this race out about seven weeks ago."

"He'd been running well at eagle farm but thought with the slightly softer track and shorter straight it would suit him down to the ground and he's played the part."

"He had to carry a big weight but he goes well for Emma (Ljung) she just let him ease along with enough left in the tank to stave them off."

"Don (Baker) went out to Chinchilla where he had a winner by seven lengths, so i think he's having a good day."

Jockey - Emma Ljung

"He was nice and fresh today we got to the front after about 150 metres and we were able to control it from there."

"He's a horse you can't have enough of in the stable he's been very good to me and lovely to reward Don (Baker) and the owners with a Saturday win."

"He never gives up, he's a real fighter and as he's matured he's started to learn how to get the best of finishes like today."



SOUTHS SPORTS CLUB No Metro Wins Handicap 1050m

Race 7 - 3:03PM ASCOT GREEN OPEN Handicap (2000 METRES)

1st - Alward - Chris Waller - Ryan Maloney

2nd - Kubis - Robert Heathcote - Dale Smith 

3rd - Fighting Teo - Kevim Kemp - Luke Tarrant 


Assistant Trainer - Paul Shailer

"He's been racing in and around the money, definitely a well deserved win everything mapped out beautifully for him today wtih a gun run from his gate and Ryan (Maloney) gave him a great ride."

"He's been getting back a little further out of his ground and we wanted to lob a little closer, with Ryan (Maloney) being on him the whole way he knew how to pull the right strings."

"His last start over the 1800 at Eagle Farm was an admirable run, with no give in the track and probably on the short side for him, he really enjoyed the softer track and extra furlong today."

Jockey - Ryan Maloney

"We had he right run in the race with the perfect horse to follow in Kubis, he's not a horse that wins by much but that was a big step for him today."

"He does what he has to I certainly think once he gets up beyond 2000 metres that's when we'll see the best of him."


ASCOT GREEN OPEN Handicap 2000m

Race 8 - 3:48PM WWW.BRC.COM.AU BENCHMARK 80 Handicap (1600 METRES)

1st - Trevelyan - John & Chris Meagher - Ron Stewart

2nd - Brains - Tony Gollan - Matthew McGillivray

3rd - Hanover Square - John Wiggington - Baylee Nothdurft


Trainer - Chris Meagher

"I did think we got there on the line the other horse showed some real fight but Ronnie (Stewart) got his head down at the right time."

"I just said to Ronnie (Stewart) to ride him how he saw fit, I thought we might be a bit closer but he relaxed back in the field and pulled out plenty in the straight."

"It's been a seven week let up between runs so he could have been a bit vulnerable today but he toughed it out."

"I think he'll get 2000 in time in what grade it's yet to be seen, but he hasn't put a foot wrong thus far."

Jockey - Ron Stewart

"In all fairness fifty out I thought we were in trouble the other horse kicked back, but it was a nice surprise to see his nose in the frame."

"He relaxed nicely with not much speed in the race today and we were able to make un the necessary ground over the mile, I think when he gets out to the 2000 metres we'll be able to place him much better."




WWW.BRC.COM.AU BENCHMARK 80 Handicap 1600m

Race 9 - 4:35PM SUMMER RACING @ BRC RATINGS BAND 0 - 70 Handicap (1350 METRES)

1st - Maslow - T & T Edmonds - Ryan Maloney

2nd - All Important - Tony Gollan - Baylee Nothdurft

3rd - Whodunnit - Les Ross - Luke Tarrant


Trainer - Toby Edmonds

"He's progressed nicely we've made sure he's been placed to advantage and this race fitted into his profile after Ryan (Maloney) gave me some advice he'd appreciate the 1350 metres."

"I tried to go through the race and work out maps and what not but in the end left it up to Ryan (Maloney) and he got it right."

"We're not getting too far ahead of ourselves but we're hoping he can make the jump to stakes or listed class shortly."

Jockey - Ryan Maloney

"We were drawn a little bit awkward but his gallop on Tuesday showed me he was ticking along really nicely and I knew he was looking for this trip and will probably only be better at the mile."

"He began really well so I pushed forward with not a lot of pressure in the race and got to work on him early knowing Gollan's horse (All Important) had kicked away and he responded well."

"He's probably six months from the finished product he's still a little immature mentally and physically, but he's still winning and I'm sure he's got a nice race in him."



SUMMER RACING @ BRC RATINGS BAND 0 - 70 Handicap 1350m


1st - Outback Barbie - Tony Gollan - Jim Byrne

2nd - Tambo's Mate - Stuart Kendrick - Matthew McGillivray

3rd - I'm A Rippa - Tony Gollan - Jake Bayliss


Trainer - Tony Gollan

"That's given me a big thrill, not much went right for us in the Winter Carnival and we gave her a nice rest and set her for the Summer carnival and she's started on the right foot."

"She doesn't have a great win strike rate because she's been in so many good races, but to get her back in form today I'm really really proud of this horse."

"She began really well today when she's usually a bit tardy first up and as she always is was really strong late, Jimmy (Byrne) rode her a treat and when he got her to the outside I knew she would win."

"She'll be back in Group One races next year but for now we're looking to cash in on what's in front of us culminating on Magic Millions day which is her grand final this time in."

"Immediately now she'll wait three weeks and go to the George Moore and there's a pathway race on the way to Magic Millions we'll target as well."

Jockey - Jim Byrne

"All the way through her career she's raced in good company and with all respect it was a fair step down today."

"The six furlongs is about her right distance she tended to drift back a little far last prep, but she was on the money today."

"I had one outside that was jamming us a little bit, she's a horse that needs a little bit of room so I chose to concede that half length give her clear running."