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In-foal rebate for standardbreds

Racing Queensland’s $500 in-foal rebate for standardbreds will return in 2019/20 to assist breeders with the effects of the drought.

First introduced last year, the breeding initiative will be increased from four mares to six mares per breeder as an industry response to the rising cost of feed and agistment.

During the first year, RQ distributed over $110,000 to more than 130 breeders across the state.

In order to be eligible, breeders must complete the following steps:

  • The mare must be a standardbred registered with Harness Racing Australia;
  • Evidence a 42-day live pregnancy test for a registered standardbred mare;
  • The mare must be inseminated in Queensland by a standardbred stallion registered with Harness Racing Australia; and
  • The mare must be located in Queensland throughout the breeding season.

For more information on the rebate including deadlines click here.

To make a claim, breeders have two options. They are:

Earlier this month, RQ announced the introduction of ‘QBRED For Life’ from 1 September 2019 as its latest breeding initiative.

Under QBRED For Life, the age restrictions on the first and second win bonuses for QBRED horses have been removed. QBRED eligible horses are now also able to access the $1,000 QBRED cash bonus, which is available on selected races.

Click here to learn more about QBRED For Life.