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Micks Recall making a name for herself

By Isaac Murphy

Jamie Hosking has enjoyed plenty of success with Dyna Double One/Pauls Memory litter mates Waddling Witch and Columbian King in recent months both stamping themselves as long term talents.

Of the litter, it was only Micks Recall – named after Hosking’s late grandfather Mick Emery – that had the trainer scratching his head.

With no shortage of ability, the bitch just couldn’t put it all together until a stunning turn in form led to three straight wins at Ipswich – the latest in a scorching 30.14.

“I’m really pleased for the owner Phil Rae, he owns the dam of the litter Pauls Memory, and Micks Recall is the only one he kept ownership of, so it’s nice to pay him back for bringing me Waddling Witch and Columbian King,” Hosking said.

“When she’s in front you’d be hard pressed to find a dog that could run her down.

“It’s been fairly organic as well with her box manners improving, we haven’t done much work but she’s just matured with racing and found some early speed to go with her finish.

“Now she’s up against some better dogs at Albion Park Thursday night it’ll be a good test to see where she’s at, it’s tougher company than what she’s been beating at Ipswich.”

Micks Recall tackles an experienced field in her Fifth Grade on Thursday, with Hosking hoping her Ipswich momentum can solve some unanswered questions.

“I’m a bit concerned about box one, she has the ability to hold them out but she’s just been a bit fragile mentally in the past and let a few go at that first turn - I’d love to see her punch up,” he said.

“She’s got that confidence at Ipswich, but Albion Park is where her future lies and she hasn’t really been able to put it all together around there.

“Dogs like Maywyn Cash, Farmor Watch Me, Dynamic Bill and Libby’s Girl have all won a lot more races around there than her, the form might read well but it doesn’t mean much until we produce against that class.”

Despite Micks Recall’s lack of Albion success, what she’s done at Ipswich has been phenomenal after flirting with the track record.

“The 30.28 and 30.14 runs she’s put up her last two have definitely been a surprise, I’d trialled her around there a few times solo and she’d gone 30.50 so I knew she could run but not that fast,” Hosking said.

“The key again has been jumping on the bunny, that’s something she hasn’t done until her last couple of starts and proved all the difference - to go 30.14 I’m pinching myself being not far off the track record of 29.97 seconds.

“Probably what I’ve been most pleased about in those two wins isn’t the time but the way she’s gone on with it once she’s found the front.

“Sometimes they can have a little think about it but she’s gone just as hard as ever on the run home and that’s what I’ll be looking for tomorrow night.”



Ipswich | Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club | 5:41 PM


Thursday’s result will determine Micks Recall’s immediate future, with the trainer having a number of enticing options at his fingertips.

“There’s a fair bit riding on how she goes tomorrow night; we’ve got the heats of the Molly Campbell the following week so if she can go into that off a win that’d be ideal and we’ll keep her at the 520 for the foreseeable future,” he said.

“If she doesn’t handle it, we might go straight to the 600 with her, I would have put her in tomorrow night if it wasn’t a Free For All - she’s still a fifth grader and should start there.

“I’m just so appreciative of the options a bitch like her affords us, I know I said I’ve never trained a dog better than Waddling Witch but the way Micks Recall is going at the moment it’s neck and neck with Columbian King not far behind.”

Hosking is keeping the litter mates busy, with Columbian King and Waddling Witch fresh off their first trips away and ready for their next assignment.

“I’m really happy with how the other two are going; I took Columbian King up to the Townsville Cup to give him his first real test against the best dogs we have,” Hosking said.

“Things didn’t go his way but he’ll take plenty from that education wise and be better off next trip away.

“We’ll probably get him back to Capalaba on Sunday; he had a fall in the Consolation Final in Townsville so we wanted to have him right for the Young Guns but decided to sit him out but he’s full steam ahead now.

“Waddling Witch is back from Sydney, she ran really well over the 460 metres at Bundaberg on Monday

“I’m hoping to get a 550 in her next week and then press on to the heats of the Bundaberg Cup which I think will really suit her.

“There’s plenty going on, I’m just trying to enjoy every minute of it.”