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Meet the trainers: Henry Forster

Henry Forster

Location: Ilfracombe

What is your background in Queensland racing?

I’ve been horse training for about 30 years now. Just thought I’d try something different, we always used to have horses but I went away from them and I went into racehorses.

Tell us about your current operation. How many horses do you have in work and how many staff do you employ?  

I’ve got 10 horses in work. I do most it myself. My granddaughter helps me for a while, she helps me for an hour or so every morning and afternoon.

What do you love about racing?

Well, you’ve gotta do something or you just get bored don’t you. You’ve gotta keep moving.

Tell us about the horse you have qualified for the final?  

In her last 15 starts she’s been in the money, so hopefully she’s there abouts again.  She was just beaten in Longreach in the Battle of the Bush qualifier, so my wife, who owns her, said ‘we’re going to Cloncurry’. I said no so we went anyway.

What do you think about the Battle of the Bush concept and what would it mean to win?   

It would be all right for us to win it. We’re just working people. It is worth a lot more than the money out here.