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  4. Changes to participant details - Racing Australia Self Service Portal

Changes to participant details - Racing Australia Self Service Portal

In December 2018, Racing Australia launched – an online portal for owners which provides a safe, unique ID enabling access to online transactions, updating personal details and providing engagement with the industry.

Communications and login details were provided by Racing Australia to all participants at this time.

From February 2021, all Stable Assist transactions can be completed by Trainers via

Despite the launch of this self-service portal, Racing Queensland has continued to update the personal information (address, bank accounts, GST status etc.) of owners manually, through the use of paper-based forms emailed, posted or faxed to RQ.

Effective June 1 2021, Racing Queensland will no longer update the personal details of owners.

All parties will have to update their details via the self-service portal.  

Examples of transactions that should be carried out in the portal include:

  • Update personal details (including change of banking details and GST status at a horse level);
  • All Stable Assist transactions;
  • View the nominations, acceptances, scratchings and results for the horses you own;
  • Horse registration (naming);
  • Transfer of ownership unnamed horses;
  • Change of location unnamed horses;
  • Transfer of ownership named horses;
  • Lease of horse (lease applications and cancellation of leases);
  • Syndicates (registration & renewal);
  • Silks (renewals);
  • Change of owner share percentage;
  • Authority to sign (access delegation);
  • Horse identification;
  • Retirement of horse notifications;
  • Deceased horse notifications; and
  • Horse status updates.

If you require login details, please contact Racing Australia via:

For participants who are unable to utilise the self-service portal, Racing Australia will provide support with regards to the transactions mentioned above and should be contacted via phone or email.