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Greyhounds Australasia Rules Rework Project

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) commenced stakeholder consultation in February 2021, including the participant representative bodies in each jurisdiction, ministerial offices, and government departments, integrity bodies, clubs or club peak bodies, and animal welfare groups.

GA has considered the feedback from the initial consultation and made amendments to the draft National Rules where appropriate.

The main objectives in updating the National Rules are to:

  • promote, enhance, and maintain the welfare of greyhounds;
  • regulate greyhound racing so that public confidence in its integrity is upheld;
  • provide for a level playing field in greyhound racing;
  • record the rules which, together with the Local Rules of Controlling Bodies, regulate greyhound racing in Australia and New Zealand; and
  • promote the long-term viability of greyhound racing and the conduct of it in a socially responsible manner in Australia and New Zealand.

These draft rules, as adopted by each jurisdiction, form an integral part of the conduct of the sport and achieving consistency in greyhound racing across the Australian States, Territories, and New Zealand.

The draft National Rules (May 2021) are now available for public consultation and submission to GA on any of the proposed changes.

It is important to note that all feedback is considered equally and reviewed on its own merits.

Multiple submissions on a single rule will not have a greater weighting on a rule outcome.  

For your convenience, please find attached the following documents prepared by GA for consideration:

The current GA National Rules can be found here.

If you wish to make a submission or have any questions on any of the proposed changes or the process, you can send these via email.  

Please note that the revised National Rules are still in draft.

Any changes, including those as a result of the initial consultation, will be presented to the GA Board in late June 2021 for final approval. 

An updated version of the national rules will be communicated broadly along with a clear date for commencement.

Any changes to the National Rules will need to be adopted by each local Controlling Body and Jurisdictions will be in communication with their participants in due course about the adoption and commencement of new National Rules.

Key project dates


Key dates


Second round of public consultation.

Updated rules and FAQs are reviewed by the public and participants.

Monday May 24, 2021 – Monday June 7, 2021

Participants will have 10 business days to submit feedback directly via email.

Submissions will not be accepted after 5.00pm Monday June 7, 2021.

Endorsement of National Rules

Wednesday June 30, 2021

Greyhounds Australasia Board of Directors will endorse the National Rules.

Rule familiarisation

Thursday July 1, 2021 – Thursday September 30, 2021

A three-month period to allow participants to become familiar with the updated rules.

Release of National Rules

Friday October 1, 2021

Updated rules become live.