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  4. New facilities light up Townsville's Cluden Park

New facilities light up Townsville's Cluden Park

20211110-193305.jpgBy Jordan Gerrans

Track work has never been brighter in North Queensland following the installment of new LED lighting at Townsville’s Cluden Park.

The installment was completed earlier this month and were quickly put to use the next morning for track work.

The lighting provides the Townsville track work supervisor the ability to see around the entire track, which will only improve the safety for all participants.

Dual licensed jockey and trainer, Bonnie Thomson, said the new lights were a great improvement for the industry in the north.

“From all reports the new lights were well received by all jockeys,” Thomson said.

Former Brisbane-based jockey Aidan Holt, now a stable foreman and track work rider in Townsville, believes the new lights will be an asset to the industry in NQ.

“I rode track work on the first morning they were installed and the new lights are excellent, they are something we have needed for some time,” Holt said.

“Everyone there each morning can now see all the way around the track with the new lights.

“They will certainly only improve safety for riders and horses every morning.”

The upgrade has experienced NQ jockey Frank Edwards in high spirits. 

“The new lighting is absolutely fantastic for the work we do on the track,” Edwards said. 

“The bright LEDs afford a better view of proceedings, which is important when you can have up to ten horses at a time working on the track.

“Horses will be coming on and off during this time and it’s great to now have this increased vision of the track ahead.”

Cluden Park is one of the busier racing, training and trialling tracks in the north of the Sunshine State.

The club expects the new LED lighting will reduce Cluden Park’s carbon footprint and provide improved safety for industry participants, primarily the horses, trainers, and jockeys who make use of the track in the dark hours of the morning.

Racing Queensland contributed $170,000 to the new lights at Cluden Park.