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Sat 24 Jun Good 4


+2.5 metres Entire Course.


Good 4 Pen Not available


4.5mm last 24hrs, 26.5mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:05AM Sunday 25 June
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 24/6 - 7:30am


Mon 19/06/17 11:00am


Tue 20/06/17 12:00am


Thu 22/06/17 09:30am


Thu 22/06/17 12:00pm


Sat 24/06/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE                        TRACK RATING – GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards – Mr. L Collins
Stewards –Mr. N. Boyle, Mr B Nalder, Mr D Macklyn & M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales – W. Welburn
Judge – I. Schultz
Veterinarian- Drs A Williams & J Rickards
Swab attendants – M. Newman & Z Newman
Starter- C. Matthews
Trainer C Maxfield pleaded guilty to a charge under AR 175(q) in that he did misconduct himself with an inappropriate remark to a Raceday Vet conducting pre-race sampling. Mr Maxfield was fined $200.
Race 1: ‘Livinadream’ Syndicate BM 65 Handicap- 2215 metres
WALK TO THE BAR – Commenced to over race shortly after the start and did so for the majority of the race.   Rider dropped his whip near the 250m.
REALLY SURE -  Jockey S. Galloway reported that his mount travelled fairly in the early and middle stages and when placed under pressure near the 700m had raced flat and failed to respond to his riding, and may have failed to back up from its previous start last week.
Race 2: Phil Peel Leading Edge Jewellers Diamond F&M Class 3 Handicap- 1200 metres
STELLA GRIS – Which raced on Thursday, underwent a veterinary examination and was cleared to take its place in the field.
SKY BROOK – Slow to begin.
ANGELS CROWN – Over raced in the early and middle stages.
BOLD GYPSY – Apprentice C. Bayliss was made aware of his use of the whip over the final 100m and what may be deemed excessive.
SAYS ME – Apprentice A. Fancourt reported her mount when placed at the rear of the field and given the pace of the race was unable to make sufficient ground in the straight.
Race 3: Tropical Auto Group QTIS 2YO Plate- 1300 metres
BOLD ENDEAVOUR – Lunged forward prior to the start being effected and began awkwardly.
JAY JAY – Began awkwardly.
SWISS LOVE – Began awkwardly and bumped with PURE LUCK.  Apprentice M. McGillivray reported his mount failed to stretch out.  A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.
ZUKAZ – Jockey M. Hellyer reported his mount laid out under pressure near the 200m.
RIO ROSIE – Raced wide with cover.
STYLISH CRIMINAL – Raced 3 wide without cover and was crowded between runners near the 100m.
PARADIS IMPERIAL – Held up for clear running from the 500m, and was disappointed for clear running on a number of occasions in the straight.  Inclined to lay in from the 400m. Disappointed for a run near the 200m when an inside runner laid out and again near the 100m  when RIO ROSIE laid in taking STYLISH CRIMINAL inwards.
Race 4: Condon Financial Class 2 Handicap - 1050 metres
APOLLO HOPE – Slow to begin and buffeted between runners. Taken inwards near the 300m. Taken inwards near the 100m.
CAPO DI TUTTI – Slow to begin. Obliged to alter course outwards near the 150m.
MIA HOST – Near the 700m shifted out from the heels of another runner and made contact with CHICA PEEPS. Bumped near the 150m. Raced wide throughout, and apprentice M. McGillivray reported the horse was inclined to lay in under pressure.
MISHANI SHIRAZ – Bumped near the 700m. Laid in under pressure over the latter stages of the straight. Raced wide with cover.
CHICA PEEPS – Bumped near the 700m and taken wider. Raced wide without cover.
MYSTIC FORCES – Unable to obtain clear running from the 300m and near 100m, DON’T PLAY AROUND rolled in slightly and APOLLO HOPE shifted in slight which resulted in MYSTIC FORCES being placed on the heels of OVERLOAD and having  to be checked.
LUCKY CLOVER – Shifted out and bumped MIA HOST near the 150m.  CAPO DI TUTTI, which was following, was obliged to alter course outwards.

Race 5:  Claude Green Memorial C&G Class 3 Handicap - 1200 metres   
JOMAR’S ELEMENT – Jumped away awkwardly and shifted out, hampering KOOROC.
JOHNNY BE QUICK – Slow to begin.   Following this race jockey G. Colless was examined by the ambulance officers for cramping and was able to continue riding.
KOOROC – Hampered at start.
BACKSLAPPER – Slow to begin and raced wide with cover.
METEOR’S MAN – Raced wide without cover. A post race veterinary examination revealed small abrasions to the near hind pastern, an elevated heart rate and was slow to recover.
JOMAR’S ELEMENT – With regard to the performance of the horse, jockey A. Coome stated the horse had travelled fairly and was able to obtain a comfortable position, however from the 400m failed to respond to his riding and was of the opinion the horse may have felt the firm track today.
HIDDEN THUNDER – A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. 
Race 6: PKF Open Handicap - 1050 metres   
FLYING  RIDDLE – Slow to begin.
EVENTIDE – Slow to begin.
ANZUS – Jumped inwards at the start and made contact with WIGGLESWORTH. 
Commenced to lay in shortly after the start, and near the 1000m took WIGGLESWORTH inwards and caused EMBRACE THE PAIN to be eased.  FLYING RIDDLE eased from the heels of EMBRACE THE PAIN, and CANNY AND THE JET shifted out from the heels of FLYING RIDDLE.  
WIGGLESWORTH – Bumped at the start.
ROCK ROYALTY – Following this race Jockey G. Colless was unable to continue riding and was stood down from his remaining engagements.  A medical certificate will be required prior to G. Colless resuming race riding. Riding replacements were made as per the Stewards Summary Sheet.
Race 7: Stevens Hay Supplies Rockhampton Cup Open Handicap- 1600 metres  
DESERT GENERAL – Which had raced on Thursday, underwent a veterinary inspection and was passed to take its place in the field.  Raced wide with cover.
FRENCH HUSSLER –  Began awkwardly and raced wide without cover.  Rider M. Murphy dropped his whip near the 150m.
MOTORISED – Had to be steadied away from the heels of DESERT GENERAL when that horse was over racing at approximately the 1200m. Raced wide with cover.
MR EPIC – Held up near the 400m and shifted out to obtain clear running and bumped EL CAMPEADOR.  When questioned regarding the performance of the horse, jockey M. McGuren stated he had anticipated being in a more forward position, however due to the slow tempo, was unable to work into the race.
EL CAMPEADOR – Bumped near the 400m.
RED LETTER DAY – Was held up in the early stages of the straight.
COLOUR CHARGE – Sustained abrasions to its off hind bumper.  Jockey A. Coome was fined $300 for using his whip 9 times prior to the 100m. Stewards considered the totality of the whip use and his good record with regard to breaches of this rule.
HEART OF A WARRIOR – A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. 
VAULTING AMBITION – Jockey J. Mallyon was fined the sum of $200 for using his whip 12 time prior to the 100 metres. Stewards considered the totality of the whip use, distance of the race, the manner in which the horse was responding and finishing the race off and his good record with regard to breaches of this rule.
Race 8:  The Capricornian Community Owned Banking QTIS 3YO Plate- 1600 metres  
Prior to the declaration of correct weight, A. Butler, rider of the 3rd place getter, SICARIO, viewed the head-on patrol film. After doing so, he was satisfied.
DONOT SAY ANYTHING - Jockey D. Evans was substituted as the rider for the indisposed G. Colless. 
SMART DEVIL – Began awkwardly.
BOLD SHOT – Raced wide in the early stages.
MARANETTA – Leaving the 1300m laid in obliging CHEEKY RED to ease.
CHEEKY RED – Eased leaving the 1300m.
REAL MYSTIQUE – Near the 300m laid in, causing RHYMING to be steadied when placed in restricted room for a short distance. A post race veterinary examination revealed abrasions to the off hind bumper and a laceration to the near hind canon.
RHYMING – Steadied near the 300 metres.
MADLUCE MISSILE – Jockey J. Mallyon was made aware of his use of the whip on 8 occasions prior to the 100m. Totality of whip use was considered.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 7.          A. Coome – Jockey – $300 - Use whip 9 times prior to 100m)– AR137A
                        J. Mallyon - Jockey - $200 – Use whip 12 times prior to 100m – AR137A
Raceday illness
G Colless – Clearance required
Jockey absenteeism
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
Late Scratchings
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 7.          Desert General – D. Evans
Race 8.          Donot Say Anything – D. Evans