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Thu 07 Sep Good 4


3m Entire Course


Good 4 Pen Not available


4mm last 24hrs, 34mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:30PM Monday 30 October
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 7/9 - 7:30am


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Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER FINEE                    TRACK RATING GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards Mr N Boyle
Stewards Mr G Meek, Mr C Albrecht & Mr M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales Mr W Welburn
Judge Mr I Schultz
Veterinarian- Dr A. Williams
Swab attendants Mrs Z Newman & Miss N Boyle
Starter- Mr C Matthews
Supplementary Report
From Mackay, 26 August 2017
Co trainer Mrs C. Dore, trainer of Takings, advised that after being disappointed with its performance as a beaten favourite, she took some blood tests and the results revealed thee gelding to have a viral infection and therefore will now be sent for a spell.
The following horses, which had not started for over 12 months, were examined by the veterinary surgeon and cleared to compete today.. Race 3 Craiiglea Falcon.. Race 5 Miss Hoffa.. Race 7. Fuku Riu..
Race 1: Rundle Constructions Maiden Handicap 1100m
MOSS PRINCESS Slow to begin.
EIREES LEGACY Overraced in the middle stages.
Race 2: U Drive Hire Class 6 Plate 1200m
JUST ONE WISH Apprentice E. Cass was only able to claim 1 kilogram of her 3 kilogram allowance.. Apprentice Cass was fined $200.. In determining penalty, stewards took into account mitigating circumstances.
GRAND EMPEROR Began awkwardly and then overraced.
BULLS nn BEARS Stood flatfooted and then overraced passing the 800m when the pace slackened and was shifted 3 wide and remained there throughout.
MISS ANNA Had to be steadied rounding the first turn when tightened for room by DAM WONDERFUL..  D. Evans, rider of DAM WONDERFUL, was advised to exercise greater care when shifting ground.
Race 3: Goltz electrical BenchMark 70 Handicap 1500m
WINSOMEMORE Began awkwardly and then after improving in a 3-wide position pressed forward to obtain a position outside the leader passing the 900m.
CRIAGLEA PISTOL Hung out in the home straight, obliging its rider to stop riding and straighten on several occasions.
Race 4:Think Water/ Wandal Need and Feed QTIS Three-Years-Old Maiden Handicap 1300m
NEED A WARRANT Overracedd in the early and middle stages.
TREVVS CHAMPION - Bumped on jumping away.. Rider W. DDAvila reported on return to scale that his mountt felt awkward in its action. A post race veterinary examination revealed the filly to be suffering from shin soreness.. Trainer J. Pointon was advised that should it start in the next 6 weekss a veterinary clearance would be required.
SAGREES POINT - Had to be steadied passing the 1100 m when racing in restricted room.
RED RUNNER -- A post race veterinary examination revealed the filly to have bled from both nostrils. As this was the first time it had bled, it would now be barred from racing for a period of 3 months, and then must gallop over 1000m to satisfaction of Stewards prior to racing again.
Race 5: XXXX Gold Class 3 Plate 1050m
INDELO -- Following his ride in Race 4, jockey A. Butler was examined by the ambulance officers and was cleared to fulfil his remaining engagements.
Began awkwardly.
TOUCH SENSITIVE Bumped on jumping away and raced 3 wide throughout.
MISS HOFFA - Proved difficult to load and then began awkwardly, losing significant ground. Trainer S. Rundle was advised that a warning would be placed on the mare regarding its barrier manners.
COZUME Jockey W. DDAvila was finedd $200 under AR137A(5)(a)(ii) for using his whip 10 times prior to the 100m and 18 times in total.. In determining penalty, stewards considered his recent good record however noted that the horse was the winner of the event.
Race 6: Garrardds Horse & Hound Awards Night Sat 30 Sep Ratings Band 0-55 Handicap 1600m
FLYING FERO After riding in Race 5, jockeyy A. Butler was examined by the ambulance officers and stood down from his engagement and was replaced by jockey A. Coome. Jockey Butler was advised he would require a medical clearance prior to riding again.
CRIMSON GOD - Slow to begin.
MISTY MONTANA - Bumped on jumping away.
ROETHLISBERGER - Bumped on jumping away.
ELLE THE MODEL - Slow to begin, and passing the 1100m had to be steadied off heels when the pace slackened.
MIMMS POET - Overraced in the early stages and had to be steadied away from heels passing the 1100m.
CRAIGLEA JABIRU - When the pace slackened passing the 1100m had to be steadied off heels.
BORN TO RUN Slightly hampered by another runner passing the 200m.
VIRGIN TERRITORY - Raced three wide throughout the event. A post race veterinary examination revealed the mare had bled from both nostrils for the first time. Connections were advised a 3 month bar from racing would apply and it must gallop over 1000m to satisfaction of Stewards prior to racing again.
Race 7: $20 Lunch At The Races Class 1 Handicap 1200m
DAKOTA ROCKS Stewards permitted E. Cass to replace L. Dodds as the rider of the horse as L. Dodds was not riding at todayys meeting.
FONDUE Slow to begin.
FAST TRACK - Raced 3 wide throughout.
PLAIN NN SIMPLE - Passing the 900m was tightened and had to be steadied when bumped by another runner.
DRAGONMOSS - Passing the 900m was severely checked when cramped for room by PLAIN NN SIMPLE, which was taken in by ROUGISSANTE. After passing the 700M commenced to overrace. Jockey N. Day, rider of ROUGISSANTE, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under AR137(a) in that he allowed his mount to shift in when insufficiently clear of PLAIN NN SIMPLE, which was forced in ontoo DRAGONMOSS, which had to be severely checked and became unbalanced, brushing the running rail. Jockey Day was suspended from riding in races for a period of 10 days, to commence at midnight,, 9 September 20177 and to expire at midnight, 19 September 2017.
GLADISHING Stewards accepted the explanation from apprenticee D. Graham for not claiming her full allowance.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 7..        Nathan Day Jockey C/riding 10 day suspension M/n 9.9.17 to m/n 19.9.17 AR137(a)
Race 2..        Emily Cass A/jockey Fail to claim full allowance $200 - AR92(12)
Race 5..        Wanderson DDAvila Jockey
Use whip 10 times prior to 100m and 18 in total - $200 AR137A
Race day illness
A. Butler Jockey
Illness Clearance required.
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
All winners
Race 4..        Trevvs Champion Shin soreness Vet. Clearance if starting within 6 weeks AR8(t)
>                    Red Runner Bled one nostril 3 months bar from racing/1000m gallop before stewards AR53(a)
Race 5.        Miss Hoffa Difficult to load Warning
Race 6.        Virgin Territory Bled both nostrils 3 mth bar from racing.
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 6..        Flying Fero A. Coome