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Fri 29 Sep Good 4


+4.5 metres Entire Course


Good 4 Pen Not available


4mm last 24hrs, 46mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:31PM Monday 30 October
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 29/9 - 7:45am / Late SCR R7 No. 13


Mon 25/09/17 11:00am


Tue 26/09/17 12:00am


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Fri 29/09/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER FINEE                       TRACK RATING GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards Mr. L Collins
Stewards Mr. G Meek, Mr B Nalder & M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales W. Welburn
Judge S. Bryant
Veterinarian B. Newman
Swab attendants Mrs Z Newman & Miss N Boyle
Starter- C. Matthews
From Rockhampton, 21.9.17 Race 4.
Jockey A. Butler, rider of Shigeru Mahogany,, was fined $200 for use of his whip on 9 occasions prior to the 100m.
Race 3.
Trainer T. Cook advised that Crimson God had been scoped and had blood analysis, both of which returned no significant abnormalities. He further advised that the tongue-tie may have been removed or lost in running, which may have contributed to its performance.
Race 7.
Subsequentt to the race, trainerr J. Crane advised that a examination of Reset Our World revealed it to be suffering from thrush in its hooves and was subsequently treated for that condition..
Race 1: South Gelard Lawyers Maiden Handicap- 1300 metres
CAUSING MAHEM Slow to begin.
SEATTLE GAL Jockey M. Hellyer reported his mount raced greenly, shifting around in the straight.
Race 2: HHH Partners BM 65 Handicap- 1600 metres
DANE CHEVAL - Jumped in the air at the start.
HYPER DRIVE - Jumped outwards at the start and made contact with the barrier partition.
TRY NN CATCH ME - Over raced until nearly 1200m. Inclined to lay in in the straight.
EXTRA COVER Jockey A. Butler was fined $300 for use of his whip on 10 occasions prior to the 100 metres.
DOUBOS Stewards inquired into jockey J Stanleyys vigour over the concluding stages. After taking initial evidence from jockey Stanley, stewards adjourned that matter to a later date.
Race 3: J and C Legh General Engineering Class 6 Plate- 1200 metres
MT ZIGGARO Slow to begin
COLD BLOODED Slow to begin.
GREEN EMPIRE Slow to begin.
Race 4: Caught in the Act Photography QTIS 3YO Maiden Handicap- 1100 metres
CARDINSKI - Slow to begin.
RIVER BOY - Made contact on jumping away.
MISS SIDUAL - Made contact on jumping away. Threw its head and raced generously for a short distance after the start.
DUAN PHOENIX - Jumped outwards at the start onto the hindquarters of NEED A WARRANT and was buffeted between runners.
NEED A WARRANT Bumped at the start. Raced generously and hung out for a short distance near the 900 metres.
NOW ASK ME The start of this race was delayed when the horse proved difficult to load into the barriers.. A warning will be placed on the horse. Race wide without cover throughout.
ANNMARIE - Raced wide with cover.
Race 5: Chameleon Group Open Handicap - 1400 metres  
DENNIS DENUTO - Jumped in the air and began awkwardly. Jockey W. DDAvila was advisedd to stop and straighten his mount when it was observed that the horse shifted in under pressure in the straight.
ZIP TO THE MOON Laid in from the 400m.
BENTLES Held up for clear running in the early stages of the straight, and again nearly 300 metres, before obtaining clear running.
MOTORISED - Raced wide for the majority of the race.
LEGAL PROCEDURE When question regarding the performance, Jockey J Stanley stated that the horse may have come to the end of its preparation. Given that it was back to 1400 metres today and the quick pace of the race it was placed at the rear of the field and from the 200 metres had felt the weight impost. He added that the horse now may be sent for a spell.
Race 6: Ray White Rockhampton City Class 3 Plate- 1300 metres  
Prior to the declaration of correct weight, trainer Jamie McConachy, and jockey J. Stanley, , Lost Classic, which had dead heated for first at this time,, viewed the patrol film with regard to the use of the whip by apprenticee D. Graham and the photo finish image for dead heat. After doing so, both were satisfied as to those grounds.
Trainer R. Vale and jockey A. Butler, INDELO (initially placed 3rd), viewed the patrol film of an incident near the 900m and lodged an objection against DAKOTA ROCKS, one of the dead-heat runners placed 1st. After taking evidence from all relevant parties, Stewards established in this incident that Apprentice Graham, rider of DAKOTA ROCKS, had dictated THE CATHOLIC GIRL (W. DDAvila) in onto INDELO, which suffered interference and had to be checked, and in doing so had lost in excess of the length and a quarter margin at the finish. Accordingly the protest was upheld, with the new placings to be: LOST CLASSIC (J. Stanley)
1st>    INDELO (A. Butler) 2nd>   and DAKOTA ROCKS (D. Graham) 3rd..  In this situation, DAKOTA ROCKS is relegated to the placing behind INDELO.
At a subsequent inquiry, apprentice D. Graham, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding. Stewards considered this a mid range careless riding offence and took into account this was her first suspension for a careless riding matter. Her licence to ride in races was suspended from Sunday, 1 October, and up to and including 11 October, a period of 10 days.
MAJOR SCOOP - Began awkwardly. A post race veterinary examination of the horse revealed respiratory sounds in the right lung, with possible inflammation or infection. Trainer A. Hayward will be advised that a veterinary certificate will be required prior to his next restart.
RUSTY SCOOTER - Jumped in the air at the start and lost ground.
SOUTHERN ALBAROSS - Had difficulty obtaining clear running until near the 300m.. Apprentice L. Dodds was reprimanded for use of his whip more than five occasions prior to the 100 metres.
Race 7: Rejuvenate Wellness Centre Class 2 Handicap- 1100 metress 
MISS HOFFA Stewards were advised that Jockey M. Hellyer was permitted to relinquish his ride on the horse by the trainer. Subsequently the horse was declared a late scratching at 8.17 am. Stewards will seek further information in regard to this matter.
PRINCESS RHYTHM Underwent a veterinary inspection after having more than 12 months off from racing and was subsequently cleared to start. Raced wide with cover.
COZUMEL- Jumped outwards onto MAGIC SCENE, which was taken out on to OUR LUCKY LUCY.. Stewards will inquire into jockey W. DDAvilaas use of the whip at a later date and time..
MAGIC SCENE Bumped at the start. Race wide without cover throughout.
OUR LUCKY LUCY Bumped at the start. Shifted out taking OUR CAPTION and BOXER outwards, causing them to be tightenedd between OUR LUCKY LUCY and MAN OF LAW.
OUR CAPTION - Tightened at the start.
BOXER - Tightened at the start.
Summary of action concerning licensees
From RRton, 21.9.17
Race 4..         Ashley Butler Jockey Use whip 9 times prior to 100m - $200 AR137A
Race 2..         Ashley Butler Jockey Use whip 10 occasions prior to 100m - $300 AR137A
Race 6..         Dakota Graham A/jockey 10 days M/n 1.10.17 to 11.10.17 AR137(a).
Adjourned inquiry
Race 2..         Inquiry re jockey J. Stanleyys (Dubois) over final stages.
Race 7..         Re M. Hellyer relinquishing his ride of Miss Hoffa (late scr. At 8.17 am)
>                       Re W. DDAvilaas use of the whip on Cozumel
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
All winnersPlus INDELO and FAST TRICK
Race 4..         Now Ask Me Difficulty to load Warning.
Race 6..         Major Scoop Respiratory sounds in right lung/inflammation or infection Vet. Clearance AR8(t)
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications