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Thu 26 Oct Good 4


+6.5m Entire Course


Good 4 Pen Not available

Nil last 24hrs, 30.5mm last 7 days

4mm last 24hrs, 4mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:04AM Friday 27 October
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 26/10 - 7:45am


Fri 20/10/17 11:00am


Mon 23/10/17 12:00am


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Thu 26/10/17 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER FINEE                       TRACK RATING GOOD (4)
Chairman of Stewards Mr L Collins
Stewards Mr D Aurisch, Mr G Meek, & Mr M Heath (Cadet)
Clerk of Scales Mr W Welburn
Judge Mr S Bryant
Veterinarian- Dr A. Williams
Swab attendants Mrs Z Newman & Miss N Boyle
Starter- Mr C Matthews
SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT- Mackay 19 October 2017
Trainer M Attard reported that on return to the stables the horse was found to be suffering from travel sickness and in his opinion may have had a bearing on its performance. Blood analysis also showed the horse maybe developing an infection. The horse was treated for both of these conditions.
Race 1: Goodyys Earthmoving Pty Ltd BenchMark 75 Handicap 1600m
TURKEY BEACH Stewards questioned J. Wehlow with regard to the scratching of this horse. He stated that the horse had galloped on Tuesday and failed to have eaten up since and he decided to scratch it on Wednesday. He added he would now freshen the horse up prior to its next start.
GOLD CUFFLINKS Slow to begin.
DENNIS DENUTO Jumped awkwardly and raced keenly in the early and middle stages.
Race 2: Aussie Rockhampton Maiden Handicap 1200m
COMMAND KNIGHT Jumped awkwardly in on to RED CALVARY.
RED CALVARY Bumped at the start.
SOUTHERN SPECIAL Jockey S. Sheargold reported his mount laid in in the straight.. Near the 800 metres, laid in on the heels of COMMAND KNIGHT.
FAY ELEMENT Rolled out near the 800 metres and bumped INDIGO KNIGHT.
INDIGO KNIGHT Bumped near the 800m. On return to the enclosure, it was observed that the gelding had been galloped on the off hind leg and was treated.
DUANSKILL Held up in the early stages of the straight.
MISS RICH Raced wide without cover.
MAGNUS RULES Bumped near the 800 metres.. Checked near the 300 metres. Raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.
MISS RICH - Stewards inquired into an incident that occurred near the 400 metres.. Jockey A. Allen, rider of JUST MICHAEL, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding in that he allowed his mount to shift out and took SOUTHERN SPECIAL out which caused MISS RICH to be restrained and have to alter course.. Stewards took into account his guilty plea, good record and that this was a low-range incident. Jockey Allenns licence to ride in races was suspended from m/n 28 October up to and including 5 November 2017 (8 days).. Laid in near the 300m.
JUST MICHAEL Laid in near the 300 metres. MAGNUS RULES contacted the hindquarters of JUST MICHAEL, which was turned in further. At that stage, INDIGO KNIGHT shifted out under pressure, causing MAGNUS RULES to be tightened and have to be checked. After considering the circumstances, stewards issued a reprimand to Jockey A. Allen, rider of JUST MICHAEL, and Jockey C. Jokic, rider of INDIGO KNIGHT.
Race 3: Tropical Pool Maintenance BenchMark 60 Handicap 1400m
I TRUST LAYLA As Apprentice D. Graham was unable to take her full claim on her mount, she was replaced by apprentice E. Smith.. Apprentice D. Graham was fined $200. Raced wide with cover.
SHORTSPRESSO Had its head down prior to the start, and when the start was effected began awkwardly and was slow to begin.
FLAT TO STACK Held up on the heels of RESET EXPRESS from near the 300 metres to inside the 200 metres.
RESET EXPRESS Raced wide without cover.
Race 4: BNJ Equine Vets Pty Ltd QTIS Three-Years-Old BenchMark 65 Handicap 1050m
PERFECT RAIN After undergoing a veterinary inspection on arrival at the barriers was found to be lame in the near hindleg and was declared a late scratching on veterinary advice at 3.03 pm with the following deductions applicable.
49 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
23 cents in the dollar on the face value of place bets for the win
29 cents in the dollar on the face value of 2nd place bets
31 cents in the dollar on the face value of 3rd place bets
A veterinary certificate for the horse would be required prior to its next race start.
CIRCUIT JUDGE Jockey Simmons, who was not riding at todayys meeting was replaced by jockey N. Day.. Slow to begin.
CSARDAS Stood awkwardly in the barriers and began awkwardly when the start was effected.
HIDDEN MIRA Jumped away awkwardly.
FAIRY WINGS - Near the 800m when going forward, shifted in when not sufficiently clear of TELL A FIB, which when eased, overreacted and lost ground.. Apprentice L. Dodds, rider of FAIRY WINGS, was reprimanded.
JAY JAY Raced wide without cover.
Race 5: Ray White Rton City Melbourne Cup Tues 7 Nov Class 3 Plate 1200m
POETIC SHOW Became fractious in the barriers and when the start was effected reared and lost ground. A warning will be placed on the horse.. Trainer T. Button was questioned with regard to the plating of the horse. He was subsequently reminded of his obligations to have satisfactory plating on arrival at the course.
FONDUE Slow to begin.
SUNRISE GLORY Shifted ground under pressure in the straight.
Race 6: Chandon Cup Day Enclosure Ratings Band 0 55 Handicap 1050m
DONNT REMEMBER The explanation for the late declaration of rider for the horse was accepted. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the horse to be exhibiting a poor post-race recovery.
METEORRS MAN Jumped in the air and began awkwardly. Near the 900 metres raced in restricted room to the inside of TUSCAN GAMBLER.
RALPH THE DRAGON Bounded on jumping and raced wide without cover.
AMAHERO Raced ungenerously in the early stages.

ROUGISSANTE Eased down from the 500m.. A post-race veterinary inspection failed to reveal any abnormalities. The horse will be required to trial satisfactorily prior to its next race start.
CHIEF ADVOCATE Raced wide without cover.
RUFFY ROAD Raced wide with cover.
Race 7: Happy 70th Birthday Trish Slade BenchMark 70 Handicap 1050m
LUCKY CLOVER Jumped away awkwardly. Raced ungenerously and lost ground in the early stages.
CLEAVER Slow to begin.
SHROUDED Shifted in near the 900m, dictated HAMILTON inwards and caused MIDNIGHT CURFEW to be steadied.. N. Day, rider of SHROUDED, was reprimanded.
MIDNIGHT CURFEW Steadied near the 900m.
GOWER Raced wide without cover.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 2..         A Allen Jockey C/riding
8 days M/n 28.10.17 to m/n 5.11.17 AR137(a)
Race 3..         D Graham A/jockey Fail to claim full allowance - $200 AR92(12)
Race 2..         A Allen Jockey - C/riding AR137(a)
>                       C Jokic Jockey C/riding AR137(a)
Race 4..         L Dodds A/jockey C/riding AR137(a)
Race 7..         NDay
Jockey C/riding AR137(a)
Jockey absenteeism
Jockey D Simmons- not riding at the meetingg  
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed
Post-race- All winners and SHORTSPRESSO
Race 4..         Perfect Rain Lame near hind leg AR8(t)
Race 5..         Poetic Show Fractious on the barriers/reared at start Warning
Race 6..         Rougissante
Poor Performance. Trial AR8(t)
Late Scratchings
Race 4..         Perfect Rain 3.03 pm
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 3..         I Trust Layla D. Smith