Bundaberg Greyhounds


Saturday 1 December 2018



Weather:           Fine and Hot

Track:               Good



Stewards:         R.Doss (Chairman) | N.Thorneycroft

Veterinarian:      Dr A.Thomas

Swab Official:   S. Asmus

Judge:              M.Ormonde

Lure Driver:       C.Gear

Starter:             P.Trotter


Race Reports


Race 1 – ACE FABRICATION Maiden 460m


Best away was CAMBLA BANJO. Approaching the first turn CLEVER KALI shifted wide and severely checked with GEMINI FIVE. CLEVER KALI pulled up and failed to complete the race as a result. Approaching the second turn KIEWA REBAL checked off heels of DODGING BULLETS losing ground. KIEWA REBAL again advanced onto the heels of DODGING BULLETS hampering RICHO’S MISS as a result.


Stewards declared the race as a finish on lure due to the runner CLEVER KALI pulling up in the back straight.


A post race veterinary examination of CLEVER KALI was conducted finding the greyhound to have sustained a strain to the RH Gracilis muscle. A 14 day stand down period was imposed.


Race 2 – JAMES HARDIE Maiden 460m


Best away was RICHMER ASSAULT. Approaching the first turn ULTIMATE CHOICE, CAMBLA YAP YAP and TRUST IN JOHN checked. Approaching the second turn TRUST IN JOHN checked off heels of BELLI ULTRA also hampering UTIMATE CHOICE.


Race 3 – SIMMONDS LUMBER Novice (1) 460m


Best away was MIGHTY POWER with CAMBLA CRUISER slow out. Through the first turn FIRE FLY JAKE checked off heels of NAUGHTY CAMBLA. Exiting the second turn FIRE FLY JAKE lightly checked with MIGHTY POWER.


A post race veterinary examination of MIGHT POWER was conducted. No apparent injuries were found.


Race 4 – Consolidated alloys pty ltd Novice (2) 460m


RICHMER ASSASSIN was best away. Shortly after the start NANNY’S CHARLIE and CRAZY CAMBLA checked. PAWCITIPATION was wide down the back straight.


Race 5 – Superior woods Grade 5 (1) 460m


Even start. Approaching the first turn ROAD SIDE ASSIST checked off the heels of SANDSHOE also severely checking with STILTON ALI who as a result lost considerable ground.


Race 6 – Hume doors & Timber Grade 5 (2) 460m


Best away was KATHERINES MONEY with GLENDENNING slow to begin. GLENDENNING was wide exiting the second turn and down the home straight.






Race 7 – Gunnerson timber mart Grade 4 460m


Even start. ALLEGRO DOTTIE raced wide exiting the second turn and down the home straight. Remainder of the race clear.


Race 8 – Realway hervey bay xmas party Best 8 460m


Best away with the HURRACANE HANSI with HYPNOTISE EYES slow away. Through the first turn ROPE A DOPE and KISS THE GROOM checked. HYNOTISE EYES raced wide exiting the second turn and down the home straight.


Race 9- Great Northern MA5 460m


Best away was SMOOTH JAKE with MADAM SHACOBY marginally slow. Remainder of the race clear.




Race 3- SHEZA DRYVA, Injured nearside front shoulder, 10 Days


Late Scratchings:

Race 6- ARREBA, Season, 9.30am 1/12/2018





Pre-Race Swabs:



Post-Race Swabs:

All winners



Stewards Trial- ICE BERG, LH thigh muscle strain, 10 Days

Race 1- CLEVER KALI, RH Gracilis muscle strain, 14 Days



Race #, DOG, Rule



Race 6- ARREBA, Laurence Thomas, $50, GAR 24.1






Trial 1


WILBY ONLINE, Passed, 460m, 26.68

HIGH WATER, Passed, 460m, 26.78



R. Doss