Stewards Report

Gold Coast Turf Club

Aquis Park Gold Coast Provincial | TAB

Sat 01 Jun Good 4


9m 1400-W/Post; 5m Remainder.


Good 4 Pen 4.6


Nil last 24hrs, 6mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:06AM Sunday 02 June
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 1/6 - 7:45am. Late Riders R8 N13, R8 N14


Mon 27/05/19 11:00am


Tue 28/05/19 12:00am


Thu 30/05/19 09:30am


Thu 30/05/19 12:00pm


Sat 01/06/19 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

Race Day Stewards Report
Aquis Park
Date: Saturday 1 June 2019
Track: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Rail: Out 9m 1400-W/Post, 5m Remainder
Penetrometer: 4.56
Stewards Panel: N. Boyle (Chairman), P. Zimmermann, N. Finnigan, G. Lane
Officials: Dr G. Silvestri (Veterinarian), J. Robinson (Clerk of Scales), S. McMahon (Judge), S. Andrews, K. Watson (Starters), K. Kilpatrick, J. Crompton (Swab Officials), S. Rolls (Secretary)

Jockey G. Colless was unable to obtain a medical clearance to allow him to fulfil his riding engagements. Stewards permitted rider replacements as per the Stewards Race Day Summary.
After the running of Race 1 Stewards opened an inquiry into the circumstances regarding App C. Gallagher having his mobile phone in his possession whilst in the spa in the jockeys’ recovery room. After refusing to obey two Stewards’ directions to hand over his mobile phone Stewards subsequently stood App Gallagher down for the remainder of his riding engagements under AR21(d). At a further inquiry App Gallagher pleaded guilty to a charge under AR232(c)(i). In determining penalty Stewards were mindful of the serious nature of the breach, which was disrespectful in that he refused to obey a Steward’s direction on two occasions. Stewards also took into account that App Gallagher has not previously breached a rule relating to conduct matters. App Gallagher’s licence to ride in races was suspended for a period of two weeks to commence midnight 1 June 2019 and expire midnight 15 June 2019.
Race 1: TAB Colts, Geldings And Entires Class 4 Handicap -1200m
LYRICAL PRINCE – Began awkwardly.
WINE BARREL – Shortly after the start commenced to hang in tightening runners to its inside, blundered passing the 600m and then continued to hang in for the remainder of the event placing its rider at a disadvantage. Over the final 200m was unable to be ridden out and fully tested. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer R. Lipp was advised that a warning would be placed against the gelding regarding its racing manners.
Following his ride in Race 1 App C. Gallagher reported to Stewards he was feeling unwell. App Gallagher was subsequently examined by the Club’s Doctor and stood down from riding until a medical clearance is provided.  
EXPLORATION – Passing the 200m commenced to lay in despite the efforts of its rider and made contact with BETAIMA.
STAMPE – Passing the 200m was cramped for racing room and had to be steadied when tightened by NORM’S CHOICE, which laid in away from BETAIMA, which was bumped and taken in by EXPLORATION.
BETAIMA – Raced three wide without cover throughout.
Race 3: AGRI FOOD INGREDIENTS Maiden Handicap – 900m
VAINITY – Began awkwardly. Raced four wide throughout.
STYK AT IT – Inconvenienced slightly shortly after the start.
WINNINGTON – Hung in rounding the home turn.
FERTILE SOIL – Hung in rounding the home turn. Raced three wide throughout.
Race 4: SPECTRUM TRANSPORT Fillies And Mares Class 4 Handicap – 1200m
As App J. Guthmann-Chester was overweight and no suitable apprentice was available Stewards permitted J. Taylor to be substituted as the rider of SPICER. App Guthmann-Chester was fined $100.  
SNAPCHAT GIRL - Cast its off fore plate prior to entering the enclosure, was replated and cleared to start. Passing the 500m was forced wider on the track by CATALINA MISS, which shifted out to improve.
SPICER – Began very awkwardly and lost ground.
READY SET BOOM – Began awkwardly.
FELINO BEL – Bumped on jumping.
FOXY WALK – Bumped on jumping.
Race 5: ST DALFOUR Class 1 Plate – 1800m
BILL THE CONQUEROR – Slow to begin. Passing the 1400m had to be steadied away from the heels of SIR HUSSON. Passing the 400m had to be steadied and alter course to the outside to avoid the heels of SIR HUSSON. App J. Hodge reported that it was his intention to be in a more forward position as per instructions but after being slow to begin and then being crossed by runners in the early stages he settled further back in the field than he would have liked.
ROSE OF CASTILE – Slow to begin.
DIMONTE GIRL – Began awkwardly.
GOTHIC ROMANCE – Began awkwardly and was then bumped on jumping.
RED FLYER – Bumped on jumping.
HEART OF TOORAK – Blundered on jumping almost dislodging its rider and lost considerable ground.
SIR HUSSON – Steadied away from heels passing the 1400m. Passing the 1100m again had to be steadied away from heels when overracing.
SECRET AGENT MAN – After being caught three wide in the early stages was allowed to stride forward to obtain the lead passing the 1300m.
Race 6: PLUSPAK QTIS 3YO Handicap – 1800m
CHIEF COMMAND – After arriving at the barriers jockey A. Fancourt was dissatisfied with how the nose roll was positioned on the gelding and had it refitted by the barrier staff prior to loading. Began awkwardly and made contact with the barrier partition.
PUMPS – Overraced in the early and middle stages whilst in the lead.
MYSTIC MIST – Raced keenly in the middle stages.
UBER MOVER – Raced three wide without cover in the early stages before obtaining cover passing the 1000m. Jockey A. Spinks reported that in his opinion the gelding failed to handle today’s track conditions.
Race 7: NICHE Class 2 Handicap – 1200m
WIND IN THE WILLOW – As the gelding had not started for over twelve months it underwent a veterinary examination and was cleared to start. Slow to begin.
LADY EIGHTY EIGHT – Slow to begin. Held up for clear running from the 400m until approaching the 150m.
VENI VIDI VICI – After passing the 150m commenced to lay in under pressure causing its rider to stop riding.
RULER – Had a tendency to lay in under pressure over the final 150m. When asked to explain the performance jockey D. Griffin stated that the gelding travelled reasonably well in a good position and in the home straight when asked for an effort quickened for a short distance before only battling away over the final 150m and proved disappointing. Jockey Griffin further stated that in his opinion the gelding may be better suited to races shorter than that of today’s event.
MISS SIZZ – After passing the 100m laid in away from RULER.
Race 8: CIA LOGISTICS Class 1 Handicap – 1200m
DIOMEDES - As the gelding had not started for over twelve months it underwent a veterinary examination and was cleared to start.
FANTASAY – Slow to begin.
RICHEST – Blundered on jumping and lost ground.
ENTERPRISE GRAND – Began awkwardly.
ELEGANT ZOUS – Began awkwardly.
BUFFALO GIRL – Bumped on jumping. Raced three wide in the early stages before obtaining cover passing the 800m. Disappointed for a run to the inside of DIOMEDES and to the outside of VIN ROUGE, which shifted out passing the 300m.
CANAPES – Approaching the 800m improved onto heels, had to be restrained and got its head up and raced ungenerously for a short distance.

Summary of action concerning licensees
C. Gallagher – App Jockey – Misconduct – 2 weeks (m/n1.6.19-15.6.19) [AR232(c)(i)]
Race 4. K. Hickmott – Trainer - Late rider - $100 [LR67]
Race 4. J. Guthmann-Chester – App Jockey – Overweight - $100 [AR190]
Race 5. C. Jordan – Trainer - $100 - Late rider [LR67]
Jockey Injury/Illness
C. Gallagher – Ill – Medical Cert.
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre race
Horses swabbed post race
All winners plus
Race 1. LYRICAL PRINCE (2nd)
Race 5. BILL THE CONQUEROR (2nd)  
Race 6. MYSTIC MIST (2nd)
Race 7. WIND IN THE WILLOW (2nd)
Horse Bars/Warnings
Race 1. WINE BARREL – Racing manners – Warning [AR20(e)]
Race 7. ODD FELLOW – Late scratching - Veterinary Cert. [AR20(e)]
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 3. SEVENTY BELOW – App C. Frater-Hill
Race 4. FELINO BEL – D. Griffin
Race 4. OUR CHIQUILLA – A. Fancourt
Race 4. SPICER – J. Taylor
Race 5. RED FLYER – J. Taylor
Race 5. GOTHIC ROMANCE – A. Allen
Race 5. DIMONTE GIRL – M. Palmer
Race 6. FLASH FIGHTER – A. Allen
Race 7. WIND IN THE WILLOW – M. Hellyer
Race 7. RISING KING – M. Palmer
Race 8. DIOMEDES – App J. Hodge
Race 8. SEQUABLUR – App J. Murphy
Race 8. GRETY LOVE – T. Harrison
Race 8. LORD OF THE DREAMZ – App J. Guthmann-Chester
Late Scratchings
Race 7. ODD FELLOW @ 11.07 a.m. – veterinary advice.
(Issued subject to correction upon revision)