Stewards Report

Gold Coast Turf Club

Aquis Park Gold Coast Provincial | TAB

Sat 03 Oct Good 4


+5m 1400m-400m; +3.5m 400m-W/Post; +2m Remainder


Good 4 Pen 4.6


2mm last 24hrs, 31mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 1:08AM Sunday 04 October
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 3/10 - 7:45am


Mon 28/09/20 11:00am


Tue 29/09/20 12:00am


Thu 01/10/20 09:00am


Thu 01/10/20 12:00pm


Sat 03/10/20 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 4, 7, 8

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

WEATHER – FINE            
TRACK RATING – GOOD (4) (GOOD (3) @ 2:43PM)            
RAIL – 5M – 1400M TO 400M; 3.5M 400M TO W/POST
Chairman of Stewards – P. Gillard
Stewards – P. Zimmermann, L. Hicks, P. Reardon, A. Turner 
Clerk of Scales – J. Hackett
Judge – S. McLean, G. Anderson, S. Mallyon
Veterinarian – Dr G. Silvestri
Swab Attendants – K. Fitzpatrick, A. Challen
Starter – S. Andrews
Stewards today inquired into the reason trainer Les Kelly allowed an unlicensed rider to ride trackwork at the Gold Coast Turf Club Thursday, 1 October 2020.
After considering all of the evidence Mr Kelly pleaded guilty to a charge under LR.43 which reads: 
LR.43. Unlicensed person not to be employed
Unless with the permission of the Principal Racing Authority a Trainer shall not employ an unlicensed person or allow an unlicensed person to work in or about any training establishment in any role involving the training working or custody or management of any racehorse trained, owned or leased by him.
The specifics of the charge being that on Thursday, 1 October 2020, Mr Kelly allowed an unlicensed person, being Mr Dylan Dean, to work in or about a training establishment in a role involving the training and working of a racehorse trained by him at the Gold Coast Turf Club. Mr Kelly was fined the sum of $200.
COSSIE – Blundered on jumping and shifted out, hampering the runner to its outside. Lost its near fore plate during running. 
SEA RAIDER – Shifted inwards on jumping, tightening the runner to its inside.
SPIRIT ONE – Was tightened for room between runners on jumping.
LILLI LIGHTS OUT – Began awkwardly.
Race 2: HERITAGE BROTHERS CHINDERAH Maiden Handicap 900 Metres
Apprentice A. Thompson was reprimanded pursuant to AR121(1) and was advised to comply with the applicable dress code when attending race meetings.
KABALEGA – Slow to begin.
JUBAI PRIDE – Slow to begin.
MA DUSHKA – Slow to begin. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
PRINCESS INDIE – Began awkwardly. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
MY BIG BROTHER – Laid in near the 700 metres, hampering FIOURUKI.
FIOURUKI – Steadied to avoid the heels of MY BIG BROTHER, which laid in near the 700 metres.
SOMEBODY LOVES YOU – Shifted in under riding near the 250 metres, tightening MOZART’S RIVAL. Apprentice K. Cowan, rider of SOMEBODY LOVES YOU, was reprimanded and was advised to show greater care when shifting in.
MOZART'S RIVAL – Restrained near the 250 metres when tightened for room by SOMEBODY LOVES YOU, which shifted in. Raced greenly under pressure in the home straight.  
BID IN A HURRY – Hung in for a short distance after the start. Bumped by SPILLENIA, which shifted out near the 100 metres and became unbalanced. Raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.
SPILLENIA – Forced outwards by DANITES near the 100 metres, bumping BID IN A HURRY.
DANITES – Shifted out slightly near the 100 metres, forcing SPILLENIA outwards.
Race 3: ACC HIGGINS Fillies and Mares Class 1 Plate 1200 Metres
Stewards inquired into the reasons why HARD LABOUR and OSAYCAN were presented to the enclosure with the incorrect saddlecloths. The Stewards were satisfied that an error had been made when the respective jockeys had been weighed out and whilst the Stewards noted the circumstances, they nonetheless issues reprimands to trainers G. Ryan (OSAYCAN) and T. and T. Edmonds (HARD LABOUR) pursuant to AR106(1) for applying the incorrect saddlecloth to those mares and were reminded of their obligations to ensure runners are presented with the correct saddlecloth numbers when they are presented to race. Further, riders Apprentice A. Thompson (OSAYCAN) and J. Guthmann-Chester (HARD LABOUR) were also reprimanded in regards to their negligence for applying the incorrect saddlecloths to the saddles when weighing out.  
OSAYCAN –Stood flat footed and lost considerable ground. Trainer G. Ryan was advised that the mare must trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards before being permitted to race again.
ALIGNMENT – Shifted in at the start, bumping LOVING MISS.
LOVING MISS – Bumped by ALIGNMENT, which shifted in at the start.
ST JUST – Began awkwardly. Laid in under pressure in the home straight.
LUANA – Hung in throughout the middle stages of the race.
Race 4: HERITAGE BROTHERS TWEED HEADS Colts, Geldings & Entires Class 1 Plate 1200 Metres
REPLICATION – The start was delayed when the gelding got its near hind leg up on the barrier platform. Was removed from the barriers, examined by the veterinary surgeon and was cleared to start.
MALEFIC – Slow to begin. Overraced in the early and middle stages.
SOKUDO – Raced wide in the early and middle stages of the race.
The track was retrospectively upgraded to a Good (3) following the running of this race.
Race 5: WES AND ASHLEY HERITAGE Maiden Plate 1200 Metres
SOMETHINGREAL – Due to a long absence from racing, the gelding was examined by the veterinary surgeon prior to the start and was cleared to start. Compounded over the concluding stages, finished tailed off.
EVITA LA VIE – Trainers J. and C. Meagher were fined the sum of $100 pursuant to AR106(1) in that they presented that gelding without its advertised gear of cheekers. As no set of cheekers could be found, permission was granted by the Stewards to allow the gelding to race without the cheekers. Shifted wider near the 1100 metres to avoid the heels of LUCKY TIME, which was forced outwards. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
ROWLING – Slow to begin.
BACIO VINCENTE – Slow to begin. Raced wide for the majority of the race. A post-race veterinary examination revealed that the gelding had a poor post-race recovery.
HE'S THE NEWS – Shifted out near the 1100 metres, forcing LUCKY TIME wider which in turn shifted out inconveniencing EVITA LA VIE.
LUCKY TIME – Began awkwardly. Was hampered near the 1100 metres by HE’S THE NEWS, which shifted out.
FIVE CHERRYS – Overraced in the early and middle stages of the race.
STRATA KING – Compounded over the concluding stages, finished tailed off. Trainer A. Willick was advised a warning would be placed on the gelding’s competiveness at TAB meetings.
Race 6: HERITAGE BROTHERS BURLEIGH HEADS QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Handicap 1100 Metres
MR CICCOLINA – Began awkwardly.
DISCO LIGHTS – Shifted inwards at the start, bumping SOLARCH and lost ground.
DALBERGIA – Shifted out at the start, tightening SOLARCH.
SOLARCH – Tightened between runners on jumping. Raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.
CHATTANOOGA LUCY – Overraced in the early stages. Was steadied near the 800 metres.
GRAND – Overraced for a short distance after the start. Momentarily held up on the heels of the tiring SOLARCH near the 350 metres.
SHEZABEANS – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 7: HERITAGE BROTHERS PREPAID FUNERALS Class 4 Handicap 1800 Metres
LADY RINGO – Slow to begin.
TORRENS – Overraced in the early and middle stages of the race.
VALADYIUM –Trainer D. Hansen was fined $100 under the provisions of LR67 for failing to declare a rider by the prescribed time. Began awkwardly, throwing its head in the air for a short distance.
SMART AS ATTACK – Slow to begin.
BEACHBREAK – Slow to begin. Became awkward in its action near the 600 metres for a short distance. Shifted in across the heels of KING TOMLOLOA to obtain clear running near the 200 metres. When questioned in to the performance of the gelding, rider J. Guthmann-Chester advised the gelding never travelled comfortably throughout the race and was of the opinion BEACHBREAK resented racing inside runners and near the 600 metres became awkward in its action and became unbalanced. Stewards noted his comments.
DANCING ANGEL – Shifted in shortly after the start, crowding DIVINE DECADENCE. Near the 1200 metres, shifted in and away from KING TOMLOLA again tightening the running of DIVINE DECADENCE.
DIVINE DECADENCE – Crowded for room shortly after the start and again near the 1200 metres by DANCING ANGEL, which shifted in.
KING TOMLOLA – Overraced in the early stages.
Summary of action concerning licensees
App. Adin Thompson – Jockey – Dress standard – AR121(1)
Race 2. App. Kate Cowan – Jockey – Careless riding – AR131(A)
Race 3. App. Adin Thompson – Jockey – Incorrect saddlecloth – AR106(2)
Race 3. J. Guthmann-Chester – Jockey – Incorrect saddlecloth – AR106(2)
Race 3. Toby & Trent Edmonds – Trainer – Incorrect saddlecloth – AR106(1)
Race 3. Greg Ryan –Trainer – Incorrect saddlecloth – AR106(1)
Les Kelly – Trainer – Unlicensed trackwork rider 1/10/2020 – $200 fine – LR43
Race 5. John & Chris Meagher – Trainer – Presented EVITA LA VIE to race with incorrect gear –
$100 – AR106(1)
Race 8. Darryl Hansen – Trainer – Late rider declaration – VALADYIUM – $100 – LR67

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners, LUCKY TIME
Race 3. OSAYCAN – Barrier manners – Trial – AR20(e)
Race 5. STRATA KING – Competitiveness – Warning
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 2. MY BIG BROTHER – App. Minonette Kennedy
Race 6. GRAND – Nathan Fazackerly
Race 6. COOL INTELIGENCE – Scott Galloway
Race 8. VALADYIUM – Andrew Spinks
Published subject to correction upon revision