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Ipswich Turf Club

Ipswich Provincial | TAB

Wed 03 Feb Soft 6


+6m Entire Course


Soft 6 Pen 5.9

25mm last 24hrs, 45.5mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 35mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 12:02AM Thursday 04 February
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 3/2 - 7.45am. Late Rider R5 N15.


Thu 28/01/21 11:00am


Fri 29/01/21 12:00am


Mon 01/02/21 09:30am


Mon 01/02/21 12:00pm


Wed 03/02/21 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 2, 3, 4, 6

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

Chairman of Stewards – Mr D Aurisch
Stewards – Mr J. Williamson, Mr T. Preston, Mr P. Kennedy
Clerk of Scales – Mr K. Daly
Judge – M Lincoln, C Bamford
Veterinarian – Dr G. Silvestri
Swab Attendants – K. Kilpatrick, A. Challen.
Starter – Mr C Wallace
Trainer R Lipp was cautioned for his conduct towards an official when in the vicinity of the scales area following the running of race 7.
Race 1: TAB LIVE SKY RACING VISION Maiden Handicap 1350 metres
ISABELLA'S SPRING – After travelling a short distance the horses nearside Winker fell off. Inclined to hang out from the 500m.
TRIPTONIC – Began awkwardly and bumped.
BRIEF SOJOURN – Trainer K Deacon was questioned regarding the seemingly improved performance. Mr Deacon indicated that at the horses previous two starts it had raced wide and despite this had not been beaten far. He further added that he expected a forward showing in todays event. Stewards reviewed the films of the previous starts and accepted the explanation tended.
TIME SAVER – Three wide without cover.
KID MAC – Checked approaching the 1000m. B Ainsworth, the rider of BRIEF SOJOURN, was found guilty of a charge of careless riding under AR131(a) in that approaching the 1000 she allowed BRIEF SOJOURN to shift in when not sufficiently clear of KID MAC causing that horse to be checked when tightened onto the hindquarters of SUZY NEEDS LOVIN’. B Ainsworth’s license to ride in races was suspended for a period of 8 days to commence M/N 11/2/2021 up to and including 19/2/2021.

VERVE - Began awkwardly and bumped. Over-raced during the early and middle stages.
Race 2: SEVEN NEWS Class 4 Plate 1100 metres
FRUSTRATED – Three wide from the 600m.
Race 3: SIRROMET Fillies and Mares RATINGS BAND 0 - 65 Handicap 1200 metres
ALL SHIRAZ – Hung out throughout and was unable to be fully tested over the concluding stages. Post race vet examination found no abnormalities.
IN GREAT NIC – Bumped on jumping away.
PRINCESS CAVALLO – Raced three wide without cover.
ENTERPRISE KEREN – Began awkwardly and bumped.
HAIRDO – Slow to begin.
Race 4: SCHWEPPES Maiden Handicap 1690 metres
HARMONY HONG KONG – Over-raced during the early stages. T Harrison was dislodged when being restrained on pulling up, was examined by the on course ambulance and cleared to fulfil her remaining engagements.

NORTHERN WOODS – Race wide from the 600m. Raced very greenly and shifted out under pressure in the home straight causing its rider to stop and straighten.
TRUST IN ALOHA – At the request of trainer S Kendrick was examined by the vet prior to the start and cleared to take its place in the field. Slow to begin. Raced wide from the 700m after shifting out to improve. Laid out under pressure in the home straight.
GARTMORN – Significantly slow to begin.
SPIRITUAL – Slow to begin. Held up for clear running rounding the home turn.
Race 5: CARLTON MID QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Plate 1350 metres
GINJA – Restrained shortly after the start in order to take up a trailing position closer to the fence. Over-raced during the early and middle stages.
SIZZLING RIVER – Obliged to alter course near the 400m when disappointed for a run.
ZAYDE – Bumped and forced wider near the 850m and then restrained to take up a trailing position.
ABOVE THE LOT – Held up for clear running rounding the home turn and bumped on a number of occasions when attempting to secure clear running near the 300m.
DEEP SCEIVA – Over-raced when restrained to obtain cover near the 1000m. Improved onto heels and steadied when the pace slackened near the 850m. Bumped and became unbalanced near the 300m.
FORCE ME – Began awkwardly and lost ground.
HAZ DE BEE – As M McGillivray was unable to ride the horse at the allocated weight he was replaced by T Harrison. M McGillivray was subsequently fined the sum of $200 acting under AR190(3).
KUKINTA – Bumped and forced wider near the 850m before racing wide for the remainder.
SHADYVALE SERENADE – When restrained to avoid heels near the 850m, shifted out abruptly. Raced greenly throughout causing its rider to stop riding in the home straight. Post race vet examination revealed the horse to be suffering from a laceration to the off fore bulb of the hoof.
DAPHNE FRANCES – Raced wide without cover.  Tightened for room near the 350m and had to be steadied, R Fradd the rider of MISHANI REGAL was reprimanded for shifting out when not clear.
Race 6: BARN FAMILY RESTAURANT Class 1 Plate 1690 metres
BELLICOSE – Three wide no cover.
CAIRNDOW – Held up for clear running rounding the home turn.
LINCOLN TOWN – Hung out from the 400m onwards.
FI FI NO FUSS – Slow to begin.
FIORENA - Slow to begin.
MISS GOODNIGHT – Weakened from the 600m and finished a distant last. Trainer was advised that the horse would be barred from racing at Tab meetings until its form improves.
SOCIAL ORDER – Forced wider, bumped and became unbalanced near the 300m. Post race vet examination revealed no abnormalities.
TICINO BELLE - Slow to begin.
Race 7: SPORTS BAR OPEN SATURDAY Colts, Geldings and Entires RATINGS BAND 0 - 1200 metres
LINCOLN GREEN – Slow to begin.
SO YOU SHOP – Began awkwardly and heavily bumped on jumping.
SUPERSONIC BOOM – Wide during the early stages before being restrained to obtain cover near the 700m.
JAKAMA – Began awkwardly, then tightened for room and checked shortly afterwards. Held up when rounding the home turn.
TWELVE APOSTLES – Inconvenienced and lost ground on jumping away.
OUR ROCKY – Stewards questioned N Tomizawa regarding his riding over the final 400m. He explained that approaching the 400m his mount had a tendency to hang out and shifted ground inwards becoming awkward at heels at this point. He further stated that when rounding the home turn he was following the eventual winner JAKAMA and when that runner improved to the inside of PHABENI approaching the 200m, he had hoped to improve into a run between PHABENI and TWELVE APOSTLES, however when that run closed he was obliged to shift to the inside of PHABENI. After having obtained this run it commenced to close when PHABENI shifted in over the concluding stages and this resulted in him being unable to fully test his mount. Trainer D Pearson viewed the stewards footage and agreed with the comments of jockey Tomizawa. Stewards accepted the explanation.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 5 – Matthew McGillivray – Failed to fulfill engagement due to overweight – AR 190(3) - $200

Race 1 – Brooke Ainsworth – Careless Riding – AR 131(a) – 8 days – M/N11/2/2021 – M/N19/2/2021
Race day injuries/illness
Absent jockeys
Adjourned inquiries         
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed pre-race
Isabella’s Spring, Blue Odyssey, Sakura Star, Trust in Aloha, Ginja, Sizzling River, Call My Agent, Twelve Apostles
Horses swabbed post-race
All winners
Race 6 – Miss Goodnight – Poor performance – Barred from Tab venues.
Adjourned inquiries
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Late scratchings
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