Stewards Report

Ipswich Turf Club

Ipswich Metropolitan | TAB

Wed 21 Apr Good 3


+2.5m Entire Course


Good 3 Pen 5.1

Nil last 24hrs, 4mm last 7 days

Nil last 24hrs, 15mm last 7 days


Track conditions update: 2:01AM Thursday 22 April
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 21/4 - 7.45am. Rider Replacement R3 N12 & R6 N11


Thu 15/04/21 12:00pm


Fri 16/04/21 12:00am


Mon 19/04/21 09:00am


Mon 19/04/21 12:00pm


Wed 21/04/21 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 1, 3, 4, 6

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.





WEATHER – Fine TRACK RATING – Good 4, Good 3 at 11:15am RAIL – +2.5 metres entire


Chairman of Stewards – P Zimmermann
Stewards – N Boyle, L Hicks, P Kennedy, K Daly
Clerk of Scales – J Williamson
Judge – K McDonald, C Bamford
Veterinarian – Dr G Silvestri
Swab Attendants – L Chaplin, G Gray
Starter – C Williams


From GCTC meeting 17/04/2021: Following its disappointing performance in Race 3 Class1 Hdcp 1400 metres, Roman Republic was examined by stable veterinary surgeon Dr T Doherty following a report the gelding had made a respiratory noise during the race. An endoscopic examination of the pharynx and larynx revealed the horse to be a grade 4 on the Lane Laryngeal grading scale, with a complete paralysis of the left arytenoid with no abduction. Trainer D Vandyke was advised ROMAN REPUBLIC would require corrective throat surgery and a veterinary clearance and must also trial satisfactorily prior to its next race start.


As M Wishart and M Rodd were ill and Apprentice S Tomlinson was unable to claim his allowance in Races 3 and 6, riding changes were made as per the Race-day Summary sheet.

Race 1: BARN FAMILY RESTAURANT QTIS Two-Year-Old Maiden Plate 1350 metres

KAMARCHER – After being caught wide in the early stages, progressed forward to lead the event from the 1000 metres. Rider reported the gelding laid out rounding the home turn.

KING'S CONTRACT – Trainer B Guy reported post-race he was disappointed in the performance of the gelding and would report back to stewards any condition which may come to light in the coming days.

FREYA’S FALCON - Laid in under pressure in the home straight.

Race 2: CARLTON MID Class 2 Plate 1200 metres

FRUSTRATED – Following the event rider S Tomlinson reported the gelding felt awkward in its action and, in his opinion, did not appreciate today’s track conditions. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

MR CASHMAN – Hung out rounding the home turn. Weakened in the home straight. Rider G Cartwright reported the gelding pulled hard in the early stages which, in her opinion, had a detrimental effect on the overall performance of MR CASHMAN. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a poor post-race recovery and mild heat stress.

ORBISYN – Began awkwardly

MINJEE – Slow to begin.

Race 3: SCHWEPPES Maiden Handicap 1666 metres

ROACCI – Jumped in abruptly at the start.

TAVI PIN (NZ) – Bumped heavily on jumping and lost ground. Raced greenly in the early and middle stages.

PATTI WAGGIN – Over-raced in the early stages. Rider B Thompson reported he was disappointed in the overall performance of the gelding. Trainer R Smith advised Stewards she would now contemplate sending PATTI WAGGIN for a spell.

EVRYNOW'N'THEN – Slow to begin. Over-raced in the early stages. Raced three wide without cover throughout.

FIORELLI – Jumped out at the start. Held up for a short distance near the 200 metres.

Race 4: SIRROMET QTIS Three-Year-Old BENCHMARK 68 Handicap 1666 metres

CALM SEEKER (NZ) – Slow to begin. Held up rounding the home turn.

CRIMINAL DEFENCE – Steadied near the 600 metres when awkwardly placed between BEG ME and DOOMANI which shifted out.

BEG ME – From the wide barrier restrained at the start to a rearward position closer to the rail. Raced three wide after passing the 800 metres.

PATTY'S FORTUNE – After being caught wide in the early stages progressed forward to lead the event from the 1400 metres and thereafter had a tendency to over-race after obtaining the lead.

TONI TOO (NZ) – Fractious after being loaded into the barriers. Slow to begin.

STELLAR – Slow to begin. Inclined to lay out for majority of the event. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

Race 5: IPSWICH CUP TICKETS ON SALE Maiden Plate 1200 metres

After being loaded into the barriers, SUPER TROUBLE reared, became cast in the barriers and kicked out resulting in injuries being sustained by both TANGO TINO and VANTINA. Following veterinary examinations SUPER TROUBLE, TANGO TINO and VANTINA were declared late scratchings at 3:04pm. On declaration of correct weight stewards ordered all bets on SUPER TROUBLE, TANGO TINO and VANTINA refunded in full and the following deductions to apply:

1st AURION – 23 cents win, 10 cents place
2nd NOT TOO HARD – 45 cents place
3rd CRYPTO TYCOON – 31 cents place

Trainers B Laming and T Gollan were advised TANGO TINO and VANTINA would require veterinary clearances prior to their next race start. Co-trainer M Hoysted was advised SUPER TROUBLE would require a barrier certificate and a veterinary certificate for lacerations sustained to its head and near hind leg prior to racing again. SUPER TROUBLE was transported to an equine hospital.

As a result of the extended delay requiring the veterinary surgeon to attend to the injured horses, the start time of this race was amended to 3:35pm and all races put back one time slot with the last race to be run at 5:09pm.

CRYPTO TYCOON – Connections advised the gelding would be ridden in a midfield position with cover if circumstances permit. Ridden accordingly.

NAPOLEON GOLD – Severely hampered and lost ground at the start when IMPACT YOUR WORLD shifted out abruptly. Rider reported the gelding felt awkward in its action. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be lame in the off hind leg. Co-trainer P Hulbert was advised NAPOLEON GOLD would require a veterinary clearance prior to its next race start.

IMPACT YOUR WORLD – Began very awkwardly and shifted out abruptly. Raced three wide with cover throughout.

NOT TOO HARD (NZ) – Raced three wide without cover throughout.

SPILL QUEEN – Hampered on jumping when EL RANCHOS began awkwardly.

EL RANCHOS (NZ) – Began awkwardly and jumped out at the start.

Race 6: CHANNEL SEVEN Class 2 Handicap 1666 metres

ENRIQUE – Rider B Thompson stated from the wide gate and after being caught wide he was obliged to settle further back in the field than anticipated. He added the gelding is very one paced and for this reason he elected to save ground to the inside rounding the home turn and is of the opinion ENRIQUE is better suited to races of a longer distance than that of today. Stewards noted the explanation of B Thompson.

OSTERMEIER – Slow to begin.

BAMBALAM – Held up rounding the home turn and for the majority of the home straight resulting in its rider being unable to fully test the gelding in the run to the finish.

LETTEMGO – As Apprentice S Tomlinson was to be overweight, and no other apprentice was available he was replaced on the gelding by L Tarrant. S Tomlinson was reprimanded under AR190(3). In assessing penalty Stewards acknowledged his good record under this rule. Slow to begin. Rider L Tarrant lost use of his off side rein for some distance passing the 100 metres and close to the finishing line was obliged to steady after improving onto the heels of BAMBALAM.

Race 7: LABOUR DAY RACES 3 MAY BENCHMARK 68 Handicap 1100 metres

MAGIC TRICK – Slow to begin. Severely checked near the 400 metres.

DEADLY ONE – Slow to begin. Passing the 900 metres raced ungenerously and inclined to shift away from the running rail before being eased out of the event passing the 700 metres. Rider A Thompson was of the view DEADLY ONE may have choked down. Trainer M Kropp was advised DEADLY ONE must trial satisfactorily prior to its next race start. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

CLAIRVUE STAR – L Dittman, rider of CLAIRVUE STAR, was issued a charge of careless riding under AR131(a) in that near the 400 metres, when looking to secure clear running to the outside, contacted the hindquarters of LET’S CHEER AGAIN which was turned in resulting in CLAIRVUE STAR clipping heels almost dislodging L Dittman. MAGIC TRICK, which was following was severely hampered. After hearing further submissions from L Dittman, and taking into account the horse had bled from both nostrils, the charge was withdrawn. Trainers representative for Mr C Waller was advised that CLAIRVUE STAR would be stood down under AR79(4) from racing for a period of 3 months and must gallop 1000 metres in the presence of a Steward prior to its next race start.

ASHZAYA – When asked to comment on the performance, rider J Orman stated the mare pulled hard and refused to settle.

MASTER BAYLEE – Held up in the early stages of the home straight.

Race 8: TAB VENUE MODE BENCHMARK 72 Handicap 1350 metres

AMICITIA – Held up for majority of the home straight and went to the line without being fully tested.

THERE YOU ARE – Bumped at the start. Rider B El Issa was reminded of his obligations to ride his mount out fully to the line. Rider B El Issa was reprimanded under AR208(2) for failing to weigh in when required to do so.

LADY SOLERNO – Held up rounding the home turn. Near the 200 metres steadied when MANIAS laid in momentarily whilst weakening.

BLACKLOG (NZ) – Slow to begin.

EAST ASIA (NZ) – Jumped in at the start. Held up in the early stages of the home straight before easing around the heels of JINX’N’DRINX near the 200 metres to secure clear running.

CITY SMART – Slow to begin.


Summary of action concerning licensees

Race 6: App S Tomlinson – AR190(3) – overweight.
Race 8: Jky B El Issa – AR208(2) – fail to weigh in.

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed pre-race

Horses swabbed post-race

Race 5: NAPOLEON GOLD – lame off hind - vet clearance required – AR20(e)
Race 5: SUPER TROUBLE – Vet cert (head abrasion, lame near hind leg) and barrier trial prior to racing AR20(e)
Race 5: VANTINA – abrasions near fore and near hind - AR20(e)
Race 5: TANGO TINO – abrasions off fore and off hind - AR20(e)
Race 7: DEADLY ONE – Choked down, retired from race – Trial – AR20(e)

Race 7: CLAIRVUE STAR – Bled both nostrils first time – Std 3 mths and 1000m gallop – AR79(4)

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications

Race 1: KING’S CONTRACT – B Thompson
Race 3: FORCE ME – K Cowan
Race 4: LINTHORPE LAD – S Tomlinson
Race 4: CALM SEEKER – L Cassidy
Race 6: LETTEMGO - L Tarrant
Race 7: DEADLY ONE – A Thompson
Race 8: PARKO – A Thompson

Late scratchings

Race 5: SUPER TROUBLE – Vets advice 3:04pm
Race 5: TANGO TINO – Vets advice 3:04pm
Race 5: VANTINA – Vets advice 3:04pm

Published subject to correction upon revision