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Thu 02 May Heavy 9


True Entire Course


Heavy 9 Pen Not available

1mm last 24hrs, 6.5mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 1:03AM Friday 03 May
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 2/5 - 7:45am - Rider Replacement Race 5 No. 6


Fri 26/04/19 11:00am


Mon 29/04/19 12:00am


Tue 30/04/19 09:30am


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Thu 02/05/19 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.






Chairman of Stewards – J. Williamson

Stewards – C. Albrecht, G. Goold, C. Fedrick

Clerk of Scales – R. Hanson

Judge – A. Raywood, B. Wilson

Veterinarian – Dr A. Murdoch

Swab Attendants – A. Challen, K. Warwick

Starter – K. Watson

Stewards Secretary – P. Carey



Stewards inquired into the circumstances relating to apprentice M. Wishart’s failure to attend Apprentice School on 15 April. After considering the evidence provided by apprentice M. Wishart and her master, P. Butterworth, apprentice Wishart pleaded guilty to a charge under AR232 in that she failed to comply with a direction to attend Apprentice School and had ridden at a race meeting at Grafton on the same day, stewards considered penalty submissions and as this was apprentice Wishart’s first offence fined Miss Wishart the sum of $250.

Race 1 – Dick Ferling Cup QTIS 3yo Maiden H’cap – 1060m

ACKER’S WAY – Raced wide in the early stages. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.

MISS STAR – A prerace veterinary examination of the horse which was late arriving on course due to transport difficulties, cleared the filly to take its place in the field. Slow to begin. Inconvenienced shortly after the start.

AQUAGEM – Became fractious in the barriers prior to jumping away. Inconvenienced by another runner near the 500m. Raced wide without cover.

BIT OF ALRIGHT – Slow to begin.

SERPENTI – Jumped away awkwardly, inconveniencing another runner.

SIXES – Jockey A. Fancourt reported her mount did not travel at any stage of the event and she did not feel it handled the rain affected conditions.

GO BETTER – Jockey J. Stanley reported he rode in a forward position in today’s event and felt in hindsight this may have been detrimental to the horse’s chances and may appreciate settling further back in the field. He added the horse was not comfortable in the rain affected conditions and would also appreciate a larger track.

Following this event and following concerns raised by a rider regarding footing near the 800m, stewards inspected that point of the track, viewed the video footage and were satisfied to continue with the meeting when no evidence could be found that any horse had slipped. Stewards discussed this with a delegation of riders from Race 1 and were satisfied to continue with the remainder of the race meeting.

Race 2 – Searles Garden Products Class 3 Plate – 1500m

ADDICTED – Slow to begin.

CLOWN IN THE MOON – Attempted to improve and shifted wider on the track near the 1000m and became unbalanced when bumped by another runner.

TOXOPHILY – When asked to comment on the performance, jockey J. Stanley indicated the horse, which was having its first start over this distance, raced keenly in the early stages and obtained a nice position outside the lead and travelled comfortably until approaching the 400m when the horse failed to respond to his riding, which he attributed to his mount not being comfortable in the rain affected conditions. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any significant abnormalities.

Race 3 – Thanks Tattersalls Racing Club Maiden H’cap – 1200m

BRAVADO MISS – Jumped away awkwardly, inconveniencing another runner.

STYLISH LOVE – Inconvenienced at the start.

WANTABEA – Slowly into stride.

SLY GRIN – Raced wide.

MAX THE DREAM – Raced wide without cover.

HE’S MCCAW – Raced wide.

Race 4 – Butler McDermott Lawyers Benchmark 55 H’cap – 1900m

Trainer I. Prizeman was fined $100 for failing to declare a rider for the horse by the prescribed time.

PORTSEA – Near the 1600m shifted out and was awkwardly positioned at the heels of FORT MYER and also caused minor interference to runners to the outside. Apprentice M. Nakao, rider of PORTSEA, was reprimanded for shifting ground when no clear.

STAR FROM HEAVEN – Steadied near the 1600m to avoid heels.

SHE SALUTES – Inconvenienced near the 1600m.

PRINCELY BLAZE – Inconvenienced near the 1600m.

Following the running of this race stewards and a delegation of senior riders inspected various points of the track after some concerns were raised in relation to the damage which had been caused as a result of racing on the rain affected track. Following this both stewards and jockeys were satisfied that the track was safe and that the meeting could continue.

Race 5 – Kilcoy Cup Day Saturday 15 June Class 1 H’cap – 1060m

ATOMIC MISSILE – Trainer T. Thomas was fined $100 for failing to declare M. Nakao as the rider for the horse by the prescribed time. Jumped awkwardly and lost ground.

INFINITE SPIRIT – Fractious in the barriers and then jumped awkwardly, losing ground. A post race veterinary examination of the horse, which commenced to weaken from the 700m, revealed no abnormalities. Trainer L. Phillips was advised that a warning would be place on the horse which was not competitive in today’s event. Mr Phillips indicated he would likely trial the filly prior to its next race start.

LOTS OF PROMISE – Jumped awkwardly and lost ground.

ROCKY GAMBLE – Jumped awkwardly and made contact with another runner.

LORD OF THE DREAMZ – Steadied from the heels of a weakening runner near the 700m and lost ground. Then was disappointed for a run in the home straight and had to be steadied near the 100m and went to the line without being fully tested.

PROGIRL – Lost ground when awkwardly placed between runners near the 450m.

REGNANT – Hung out for a short distance passing the 200m.

MIKURO – Returned to scale making an abnormal respiratory noise.

Race 6 – Great Northern Fillies and Mares Benchmark 55 H’cap – 1200m

RAIN ON ME – Jumped away awkwardly.

COONOWRIN RUBY – Raced in restricted room near the 1000m and had to be checked.

LIPSTICK EFFECT – Laid in near the 1000m despite the efforts of its rider, causing a tightening to another runner. Placed in restricted room near the 400m and as a result was steadied. Again placed in restricted room and was steadied near the 200m.

NAMO KEKENI – Obliged to shift wider near the 250m to avoid the weakening DULCIE TIE. Raced wide.

DULCIE TIE – Raced wide without cover. Jockey L. Tilley reported his mount travelled well until the 400m and when placed under pressure weakened badly.


Race 7 – Kilcoy Exchange Hotel CG&E Benchmark 55 H’cap – 1200m

RAINBOW SPIRIT – Slow to begin and was hampered shortly after the start.

MAN OVERBOARD – Slow to begin.

SAME OLD – Tightened for room passing the 1000m and had to be steadied. As a result of this incident, apprentice M. Wishart, rider of ZOU DER ZEE, was reprimanded for allowing her mount to shift in when not sufficiently clear.

OUR ROCK O’REILLY – Apprentice M. Wishart, rider of ZOU DER ZEE, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding, that near the 800m she allowed her mount to shift in when not clear of OUR ROCK O’REILLY, causing jockey A. Fancourt, rider of that horse, to check her mount when tightened on to the hind quarters of BLACKMAILER, which was racing to the inside, and causing OUR ROCK O’REILLY to lose ground at that stage. Apprentice Wishart was suspended from riding in races for a period of 9 days, to commence at midnight, 4 May and to expire at midnight, 13 May.

BLACKMAILER – Steadied whilst weakening near the 250m.


Summary of action concerning licensees


Race 4. Ian Prizeman – Trainer – Late rider Portsea - $100 - LR67

Race 5. Trevor Thomas - Late rider – Atomic Missile - $100 - LR67


Race 4. Miki Nakao – A/jockey – C/riding – AR131(a)

Race 7. Madeleine Wishart – A/jockey – C/riding – AR131(a)


Race 7. Madeleine Wishart – A/jockey – C/riding – 9 days – M/n 4.5.19 to m/n 13.5.19 – AR131(a)


Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses

Horses swabbed post-race

All winners,

Horses swabbed pre-race

Bit Of Alright, Teya, Bravado Miss, Fort Myer, Princely Blaze, Coonowrin Ruby, Namo Kekeni, Devillain, Rainbow Spirit

Horses swabbed pre-race



Race 5. Infinite Spirit – Poor performance – Warning

Summary of rider changes/Late notifications

Race 4. Portsea – M. Nakao

jRace 5. Regnant – L.Tilley

Late scratchings


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