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Miles & District Amateur Picnic Race Club

Miles Country

Sat 08 Feb Good




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Track conditions update: 12:01AM Sunday 09 February
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 8/2 - 7:45am, Late Scr R4 No 8


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Races: 2, 4

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Queensland Racing Integrity Commission

Stewards Report

Miles & District Amateur Picnic Race Club Inc.
Venue- Miles

Date- 8 February 2020.
Weather– Overcast.
Rating: Sand/Dirt- Soft.
Track: Sand

Rail- True.


Chairman of Stewards – Mr T. Preston
Stewards- Mr L. Carvosso

Betting Steward – Stewards

Clerk of Scales – Stewards

Judge – Club

Veterinarian – Dr T. Wright B.V.Sc.

Starter – Mr O. Bronkhurst
Assistant Starter- Mr D. Kerwick
Photo Finish Operator- Ms J. Moody

Apprentice Jockey Ms S. Wilcock was unable to claim her full allowance of 2kgs on STRAIGHT JANE in Race 1 and HENRYS ON COURSE in Race 5. Stewards spoke with Trainers Ms N. King and Mr B. Hudson in relation to this matter. Both Trainers sought permission from Stewards to allow Ms Wilcock to ride their horses without a Claim, due to no other suitable apprentice rider being available at today’s meeting. Stewards agreed to their request.
Ms Wilcock was fined the sum of $200 under AR 143 (14 (3). At arriving at their decision Stewards took into consideration the limited number of Apprentice Riders being available at today’s meeting, Ms Wilcock forthright evidence and her good record.
At the conclusion of Race 2, Stewards spoke with the Club Secretary expressing their concerns about the approaching rain and storms in the region. The Club Secretary agreed for Stewards to bring the remaining races forward.  The amended starting time for Race 3 was 1.15 pm.
 At the conclusion of Race 3 Stewards were approached by the Club President and asked why Race 3 ran earlier than the allocated race time. Stewards advised him of their concerns regarding the weather and informed him of our conversation with the Club Secretary earlier. The Club President then advised Stewards he did not want to bring Races 4 and 5 forward and for them to be run on the times reflected in the Race book, Stewards agreed with his request.
Prior to the running of Race 4 again Stewards were approached by the Club Secretary to move the Races forward. Stewards explained to the Secretary the conversation with the President. The Chairman of Stewards advised Mrs R. Kerwick to meet with her fellow Club members and discuss the proposal, but at this stage Race 4 would run on time at 2.15pm. Mrs Kerwick came back to Stewards  just prior to the running of Race 4 advising the Club has decided that the remaining races to be brought forward. The Chairman of Stewards advised that Race 4 would still run on time and we would attempt to run Race 5 earlier than the allocated time.
At the conclusion of Race 4 Stewards heard a Protest submission. During this hearing it rained substantially. Stewards with three Senior Riders inspected the track at 2.30pm. It was decided that the Club would need to take steps to remove any surface water and that an amended start time for Race 5 would now be 3.05pm. The track was inspected on or about 2.50pm and deemed safe by all parties and fit to race and all riders were advised to use care.  Due to the Mounting Yard surface being wet and slippery all runners for Race 5 were mounted up on the Track.
TEKKEN WARRIOR- travelled wide during the early and mid- stages of the event.
DGREAT BEAUTY- hung out when entering the 700M turn.
SENTEIN- hung out for the majority of the event.
FLAWLESS FIFI- was slow to begin and lost substantial ground.
On returning to scale the rider of FLAWLESS FIFI P.Randall advised Stewards that the horse’s allocated barrier failed to open with the rest of the field. Trainer Mr W. Baker requested to view the footage available to Stewards believing his Filly was denied a fair start. Stewards viewed the footage and acting under AR204 (1) declared FLAWLESS FIFI a non-runner as the Filly’s barrier failed to open and therefore, denied a fair start. Stewards declared that all monies invested on FLAWLESS FIFI be refunded with the following deductions.
1st- 20c  Place- 16c
2nd- 16c
3rd- 16c
Stewards subsequently declared correct weight.

Prior to the running of this event Stable foreperson of Mr B. Hudson’s Stables advised Stewards that LETITRIPPOTATOCHIP had lost an off hind plate when being unloaded from the float at the course. The stable representative requested permission from Stewards to remove the other rear plate. Stewards approved the request as no Farrier was present on course. The Foreperson removed the plate. Stewards requested that the Veterinary Surgeon at this meeting would inspect the horse after the shoe was removed. Dr T. Wright advised Stewards that the horse was fit to race in his opinion.
CHOCOLATE OREO- travelled wide without cover during the early and middle stages of this event.
FOXY BELLA- began awkwardly with its head in the air and as a result lost ground.
LAST ROUND- hung out during the middle stages of this race.
AUTHADANE- travelled wide during the middle stages of the event.
RENEWING HOPE- Jockey J. King advised Stewards his mount failed to handle the conditions and the surface at todays’ meeting. Despite the best efforts of the rider, it failed to respond when asked for an effort and wouldn’t stretch out.
SPIRITS FIRST- over raced at the 700M point then had to be eased off the heels of another runner (CARPE NOCTEM).
CHERMSIDE MISS- was slow to begin and travelled wide throughout the event.
RINGOS MAGIC- Stewards spoke with Trainer Mr G. Dempsey regarding the seemingly improved performance of the gelding. Mr Dempsey explained the horse was getting fitter with racing. He felt that this race was a weaker type than the horse had performed in previously and expected a forward showing today. Mr Dempsey further added that the stable did not support the horse in the betting ring. Stewards accepted Mr Dempsey’s explanation.
ALERT BY SEA-   slow to begin and then travelled four wide without cover during the early to the middle stages of the event.
QUICK KETCH- travelled wide and tended to shift out over the final 200 metres.
MACS GIRL- on returning to scale the rider Appr Jockey Ms T. Townsend sought to view the patrol footage of the final 200 metres. After viewing the film and consulting with Trainer Mr B. Park, Ms Townsend lodged an objection to QUICK KETCH finishing in second place with her mount finishing in 3rd position. A protest of 3rd vs 2nd placing was subsequently heard by Stewards. After considering the evidence submitted by all parties and viewing the patrol footage; Stewards acknowledged that QUICK KETCH did drift out slightly and MACS GIRL did appear to have its running dictated to by that horse. Stewards however believed that contact between the runners did not occur until just before or on the winning post and further didn’t believe that the interference was sufficient to overturn the placings. The protest was subsequently dismissed and the placings remained unchanged. Correct weight was then declared.
BON WARRIOR-  failed to handle the track and wasn’t suited to the conditions at todays meeting.
MACMISSLE- Stewards were advised by Jockey Ms. H. Philipps the gelding failed to handle the track and the conditions today.
HENRYS ON COURSE- raced erratically going past the post the first time. Trainer Mr B. Hudson will be advised in coming days that a warning would be placed on the horse in an effort to improve its behaviour in running.
HEEBEE RIGHT MATE-  tightened for room between runners shortly after the start. The gelding travelled wide throughout the event.
IF BY CHANCE- travelled wide for the majority.
Summary of action concerning licencees
Appr Jockey Ms S. Wilcock- $200- Fail to claim her full allowance- AR 143 (14) (3).

Race day illness/injuries

Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Pre-Race swabs
Post-race swabs

All Winners swabbed.
Race 5- Henrys On Course- Trainer Mr B. Hudson- racing manners.


Barrier Certificates
Veterinary Certificates
Nil.       .
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Summary of Late Scratchings:
Race 1- Flawless Fifi-  was declared a non-runner by Stewards acting under AR 204 (1) after Trainer Mr W. Baker made application to have his horse declared a non-runner due to the allocated barrier failing to open, and being denied a fair start. After viewing the evidence available to them Stewards agreed to Mr Bakers request and Flawless Fifi was declared a non- runner with the following deductions and subsequently declared correct weight. All bets on the  horse to be refunded with the following deductions:
1st   - 20c
      - 16c
2nd- 16c
3rd- 16c.
Race 4- Pastiche- Trainer Mr R. Hay contacted Stewards seeking permission to scratch his horse from today’s meeting due to the approaching poor weather. Mr Hay advised Stewards that the expected rain would make it difficult for him and the horse to return to his property. Stewards considered Mr Hay’s request and agreed to scratch his horse at 10.40am. Stewards took no further action regarding the matter.