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Sat 13 Jul Good 4




Good 4 Pen 4.9

Nil last 24hrs, 81mm last 7 days



Track conditions update: 1:05AM Sunday 14 July
Last Track Rating Update: Finalised 13/7 - 7:45am. Late Rider R5 N12


Mon 08/07/19 11:00am


Tue 09/07/19 12:00am


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Sat 13/07/19 07:30am

Late Nominations

Races: 3, 4, 6, 7

Feature, Group and Listed races may have different acceptance closing times. Group 1 races have staggered closing times for nominations that differ from the general dates and times listed above. Please refer to the full published conditions for these races for details.

PENETROMETER – 4.9                 
Chairman of Stewards – P. Gillard (Chairman)
Stewards – P. Chadwick, C. Warren, T. Hudson, P. Warren
Clerk of Scales - A. Warry
Judge – S. Bryant
Veterinarian – Dr B. Pullen, Miss J. Schembry
Swab attendants – N. Paull
Starter – P. Conway
Betting Steward - Stewards
Due to a southern state meeting being cancelled, all race times for today’s meeting were amended as follows: Race 1. 12.01 pm; Race 2. 12.36 pm; Race 3. 1.11 pm; Race 4. 1.46 pm, Race 5. 2.26 pm; Race 6. 3.06 pm; Race 7. 3.46 pm; Race 8. 4.26 pm; Race 9. 5.07 pm.
Due to an incident in Race 3, times for the following races were re-amended: Race 4. 2.23pm, Race 5. 2.50pm, Race 6. 3.18pm  
Race 1: Smartstate Vehicle Rentals Class 2 Plate – 1050m
DANCETIME – As the gelding had not started for a considerable time, a prerace veterinary examination was conducted and cleared the horse to start.  Began awkwardly.
STRICTLY LEGIT – Jumped outwards at the start, bumping another runner.  Had a tendency to lay out for the majority of the race.
KISS THE BOSS – Bumped by another runner on jumping away.
RAINING DOLLARS – Slow to begin. Over-raced for a short distance in the early stages.
DRAGON PINS – Slow to begin. Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Following its poor performance, rider S. Sheargold advised stewards that the horse, whilst travelling wide in the early stages, failed to improve when placed under pressure and, in his opinion, was disappointing. Trainer J. McConachy gave an undertaking to have further tests conducted and advise Stewards should anything come to his attention. A post-race veterinary examination failed to find any abnormality, and a post-race swab sample was taken.
SFILZA – Crowded for room shortly after the start and lost ground.
PERETTI – Rider T. Doyle dropped his whip near the 100m.
CLIFTON COUNTY – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 2: Hats By Helen Class 2 Plate – 1050m
MISHANI LA SCALA – Slow to begin.
GOHAN – Began awkwardly and shortly after the start shifted out, bumped another runner. Wide early stages.
QUESTIONS ANSWERED – Bumped shortly after the start.
BRANDY BALLOON – After being slow to begin was tightened for room and restrained.
AMRON – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 3: Souithern Sheet & Coil QTIS 2yo & 3yho Maiden Hand – 1200m
STARRY BEAUTY – The start of this race was significantly delayed when rider C. Jokic lost control of her horse during the preliminary and was dislodged. After galloping a considerable distance, STARRY BEAUTY was declared a late scratching at 1.08 pm by order of the stewards. On the announcement of correct weight, all monies invested on the horse were ordered to be refunded with the following deductions applicable:
5 cents in the dollar on the face value of win bets
7 cents in the dollar on the face value of place bets for the win
5 cents in the dollar on the face value 2nd place bets
7 cents in the dollar on the face value 3rd place bets
CAMERON – Slow to begin.
GEORGIE’S DEAL – Slow to begin. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
AVVA COLDIE – Began awkwardly and bounded in the air. Raced ungenerously rounding the home turn, then laid in under pressure in the home straight. Rider W. D’Avila advised stewards he was of the opinion that the horse may have got its tongue over the bit.
IDLE JACK – Improved onto heels when racing in restricted room near the 300m and blundered. Lost it’s off fore plate in running.
HIDDEN SECRET – Shifted in, bumping another runner near the 250m.
ABSOLUT ARTIE – Bumped on the hind quarters near the 250m, becoming unbalanced.
SHE GOES BOOM – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
LUCKY BEE – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 4: Natural Body & Beauty Clinic Class 6 Plate 1100m
COLOSSEUM KING – Shifted out at the start, tightening runners to its outside.
FRUGAL – Tightened for room on jumping.
MISTER BUSY – Tightened for room on jumping.
DEVILS PINCH – Tightened for room on jumping.
MALIZIA – Slow to begin.
TRERICE – Was unable to obtain clear running rounding the home turn and then raced in restricted room in the home straight, going to the line without being fully tested.
SENSATION ALLY – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 5: Laser Clinics Australia Canelands Mackay Benchmark 60 H’cap – 1800m
WICKED QUEEN – Stewards accepted the explanation tendered for the late declaration of N. Thomas as the rider of the horse.
FLAT TO STACK – Slow to begin.
PROANE – Slow to begin.
LUVYA BEAK – Began awkwardly.
FOLLOW ON – Tightened for room at the start.
KALANGADOO CHROME – Tightened for room at the start when horses either side shifted ground.
CYCLINE PATH – Shifted out to obtain clear running leaving the 300m, forcing another runner wider.  Rider B. El-Issa was advised to show greater care when shifting ground.
JUSTALAD – Forced wider leaving the 300m, inconveniencing another runner.
HOOVESGOTCHA – Inconvenienced leaving the 300m by another runner which was forced wider.
Race 6: Man About Menswear Benmchmark 69 H’cap – 1560m
MY SHU MAI - The start of this race was delayed when the horse was inspected by the veterinary surgeon at the request of its rider and was cleared to start. Slow to begin. Finished tailed off.  A post race veterinary examination  failed to reveal any significant abnormality. Jockey B. El-Issa stated he was not happy with the horse’s action in the early and middle stages of the race and as such the horse was non-competitive. Trainer J. Zielke was of the opinion something may be amiss with the horse and it was now his intention to send it for an immediate spell.  Mr Zielke was advised he must obtain a veterinary clearance for the horse before being permitted to race again.
TOXOPHILY - The start was further delayed when the horse broke through the barriers before being quickly restrained. It was then examined by the veterinary surgeon and cleared to start.
OPTION – Slow to begin.
SHADOW VISION – Made the home turn awkwardly, becoming unbalanced and shifting wider.
SIR VAN DYKE – Raced wide for the majority of the race.  
Race 7: Ibis Mackay Class 3 Plate – 1300m
LAST CHANCE – Connections advised stewards following the gelding’s previous run when racing back in the field, the intention today would be for the horse to race in a mid to forward position with cover. The horse was ridden accordingly.
BERNIE’S REGRET – Slow to begin.
GLOBAL ROCKET – Slow to begin. Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
THE DECKERRAIDER - Slow to begin. Raced wide for the majority of the race. Became unbalanced near the 250m and shifted in, making contact with another runner. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
SHAHQA – Restrained off heels leaving the 800m.
STATIC LIFT – Bumped heavily near the 250m by another runner, which became unbalanced.
ACADEMY HILL – Laid in under pressure in the home straight. Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 8: TAB 2019 Mackay Newmarket Open H’cap – 1300m
SHAERZOSO – Due to the amended schedule and shortening of the times between races jockey Pengelly was permitted to forego his ride to allow sufficient recovery to enable him to fulfil his engagement for the following event over 2000m and was replaced by N. Thomas.  
HEARTBREAK HARRY – As jockey L. Tilley was dually engaged, he was replaced by jockey
T. Doyle. L. Tilley was reprimanded.
NICCANOVA – Slow to begin.
CONCA DEL SOGNO – Slow to begin.
BARACHIEL – Slow to begin.
REACH FOR HEAVEN – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
PEACOCK – Raced wide for the majority of the race.
Race 9: Taylors Solicitors Mackay Cup Open H’cap – 2000m
ASTORIA – Connections advised the gelding would be ridden in a rearward position following its previous start where it failed to find the line. Was ridden accordingly.
GOLDEN MANE – Slow to begin.
HARDERN – Shifted out under pressure in the home straight.
CASTA – Commenced to compound leaving the 500m. 
BEST HOFFA – A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have a laceration to its off hind leg.
Summary of action concerning licensees
Race 8.          Les Tilley – Jockey – Dual engagement – AR127(1)
Summary of action concerning thoroughbred horses
Horses swabbed post race
All winners, Dragon Pins
Horses swabbed pre race
Absolut Artie, Idle Jack, Georgie’s Deal, Proane, Kalangadoo Chrome, Flat To Stack, Dane Cheval, Level Eight, Shadow Vision, Toxophily, Academy Hill, Last Chance, Monsieur Gustave, Hanover Square, Heartbreak Harry, Prioritise, Balboa Rocks, Warwick Avenue, Hardern, Bold Shot, Hoovesgotcha.
Race 6.          My Shu Mai – Finished tailed off – Vet. Clearance – LR25
Late Scratching
Race 3.          Starry Beauty 1.08 pm
Summary of rider changes/Late notifications
Race 5. Wicked Queen – N. Thomas
Race 8. Scherzoso – N. Thomas
Cyclone Topgirl – W. D’Avila
Heartbreak Harry – T. Doyle
I Can I Will I Am – E. Smith   

                          (Issued subject to correction upon revision)